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April 2007 Archives

4/19/07 -- I love that Lucy carries her camera with her wherever she goes.  Lets us be flies on the wall.  Well, maybe ladybugs would be a more palatable image  <G>  Check out the new photo.

Lucy and her trusty camera caught "Tanya Austin" "waiting around on set." 

FYI -- Lucy in Concert at the Roxy DVD has started to ship!  Along with the 2007 Lucy and Renee convention dvd.  I'll get some videoclips to post.  Everyone who's ordered, start checking your mailboxes.  You're in for an incredible treat.  Besides Lucy's scintilating on-stage concert performance, there's 30 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage.  And for those of you that were there opening night when I walked down the line outside the Roxy, we put that whole clip on the dvd.  It's hysterical!  You folks were a hoot that night braving the wind and cold.  What troopers.

4/1/07 -- Here are the other two songs Lucy performed at the Pure White Party -- "I'm the Only One" and "Rag Doll."(click images for QT versions) (only one wmv version) (rag doll wmv version)

                     "I'm the Only One"                                                   "Rag Doll"

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