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August 2006 Archives

8/29/06 -- Just got back from the filming of Celebrity Duets and I caught Lucy in the dressing room in her "George Hurrell" gown and hairdo.  This is what she wore during her song with . . . Smokey Robinson!  Her dream came true!  The look, the song, their performance together knocked the socks off audience and judges alike.

8/13/06 -- That's Lucy's spot, right above the What's New section, but we got a little silly yesterday.  I was over her house working out new stuff for the website and she decided we should write a blog together.  You know, where one person writes a sentence and the next person writes a follow-up.  You go back and forth without having a clue what the end result is going to be.  She decided we should even leave in the typos as her keyboard was sticky. 

Amidst the tomfoolery, there are actually two tidbits of news about interviews she's been doing for Duets that will show up shortly.  So everyone keep their eyes peeled.  More went on that afternoon concerning Duets and I'm going to get her to blog about it.

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