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August 2007 Archives

8/31/07 -- You've all heard by now that Joe LoDuca is going to be at the Chicago Xena Convention.  But have you heard what they're going to be doing?  Are you sitting down?  Lucy's going to sing "Forgive Me" from "The Bitter Suite" live on stage with Joe at the convention!

8/30/07 -- Lucy's Roxy DVD and CD Now On Amazon!  If you go to and type in Lucy Lawless under DVD and then under music you'll see the two items.  That's so neat! 

8/24/07 -- Lucy will be appearing at Les Girls 7 National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund's Annual Los Angeles Cabaret on October 8, 2007 at the Avalon Hollywood club.  Click the link for ticket info.

8/23/07 -- Lucy's Roxy CD now shipping!  All you cool cats get ready to pop them into your car cd players, roll down the windows and let Lucy rock the neighborhood  <G> 

8/13/07 -- Lucy's back behind the camera with her finger on the zoom button and Marissa's the target.  Marissa tells a "dumb blonde Lucy" story and mimics a soundman overwhelmed by a Kiwi actress' accent.

(click on image for QT, wmv version)

8/12/07 -- Here comes Part Two of Lucy's recent adventures.  This time she's at the REAF rehearsal singing "Footloose" with Gene Reed and Marissa Jaret Winokur has the camera. 

(click on image for QT, wmv version)

8/11/07 -- I gave Lucy the club videocamera to take to Comic Con and the REAF benefit.  Her daughter, Daisy, was with her and started the filming.  Then Lucy got her hands on the camera and Katie Sackoff was her target.  Onward Lucy and the camera went to San Francisco and, well, you'll see what happened there tomorrow.

(click on image for QT, wmv version)

8/5/07 -- Lucy's episode of Burn Notice will air Sept. 13.

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