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December 2006 Archives

12/18/06 -- Here are a couple photos of Lucy signing some of the new pictures.  She signed some of each of the four new poses and I stuck them randomly back into the piles.  For the folks who ordered only photos, I got all those orders in the mail today.

12/17/06 -- Lucy grabbed her camera and propped it up on her mantelpiece to record a holiday greeting to everyone before she took off for New Zealand to celebrate Christmas with her family.  Join her in a wonderful world of moose snow globes, "Santa Baby" and a Christmas ghostie.

12/15/06 -- Shirt update and candid Battlestar Galactica pic for decoration.  As we've done with the previous shirts, Lucy will be signing some of them.  So check carefully when they drop through the letter box in your house if you've ordered one.  The shirts didn't arrive before Lucy went to New Zealand for Christmas so I'll start sending them out when she gets back and has a chance to sign them.  Also, one out of every 25 photos -- of all four of the new ones -- will also be autographed.  Those were done already.  Tidbit about my adventures printing shirts.  The "Do Something Scary" shirt arrived in the office today and the printer left off Lucy's signature.  So they're headed back to have the signature put on.  I think the Grinch decided to pay me a Christmas visit!  Here's a photo Lucy just gave me that was taken during her stint on Battlestar.

12/13/06 -- Lucy went to the premiere of Edward Scissorhands at the Ahmanson Theatre tonight so, Barbara, get out your trusty Sherlock Holmes hat and see if there were any photogs around.  <G>

12/11/06 -- Check the entertainment news outlets for photos of Lucy tomorrow.  Renee was driving along Wilshire and, crossing the street in front of her, was Lucy in a gown and flip-flops!  She was with Marissa and I'm thinking they may have been going to the Dreamgirls premiere.  I told Renee she's got to tell this story so there should be something up on her website shortly.  Wireimage has the first photos.

12/8/06 -- THE "Signature" and "Do Something" SHIRTS ARE NOW ON SALE!  THERE ARE ALSO FOUR NEW PHOTOS!   You can order them here.  I will try to fill as many orders as I can before the holidays.

Here's the link to buy tickets to Lucy's appearance at the "Pure White Party" at Girl Bar's Dinah Shore Week in Palm Springs on March 30.  She appears at midnight!

12/5/06 -- Here are the two shirts.

I asked Lucy about recording with Paulie Fuemana of How Bizarre and this is what she said:  “I did a song with Paulie, just as a favour, and he's turned it into a single.  I am donaating my percentage to Starship.  Due out late Jan, I think.”  (Thanks to Barbara for the news.)

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