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December 2007 Archives

12/29/07 -- Here are a couple photos from the filming of Coffee Talk 6.  Next week, I'm going to get a couple clips from the shoot and put them up here and on the Xena Fan Club page.

(photos: Brian Wilson)

12/15/07 -- Here's part two of the Disco Lucy video series.  The silver mini makes its appearance.  Out comes the jewelry and curling iron and food!  Lucy's getting hungry.  This photo shoot took the whole day.

(click on image for QT) (wmv version)

12/14/07 -- Filmed Coffee Talk 6 with Lucy and Renee.  Hope to have a couple photos to post tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I've been browsing through Lucy's camera and found this shot she took at an aquarium.

12/12/07 -- New message from Lucy.  She's been staring into her navel contemplating what she can surprise us with at the Roxy show in January and I think things are starting to ferment!

12/10/07 -- Here's a trailer for the Chicago concert DVD.

(click on image for QT) (wmv version)
(photo: Chris Schmelke)

12/4/07 -- Lucy's Chicago concert DVD is on sale over on the Creation site -- with free shipping through December 12!  Couldn't resist showing you the menus for the DVD created by our editor Warner Young using photos taken by Chris Schmelke and Lida Verner.  And I had a great time working on the bonus footage.  Especially the first day of rehearsal with just Lucy, Joe LoDuca, Jason and the backup singers.  So intimate, so mellow, so smooth, so uninhibited.  It's a great peek behind the scenes.

12/1/07 -- Two of Lucy's concert outfits are now on Ebay to raise money for the Iyengar Institute.  They are the "chaps" and the "pink fringed go-go dress."

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