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February 2007 Archives

2/24/07 -- I'm typing in the orders for Lucy's cd "come2me."  Should have them all packed up and ready to start shipping next week.  I popped over to her house and she regaled me with the story about how the cd came about.  She mentions that it started with a photo shoot which I filmed and I'll start putting up clips from that day.  It was wild and crazy and Lucy was having a ball!

(click on image for QT version)
(wmv version)

2/21/07 -- LUCY ROXY CONCERT MERCHANDISE NOW ONLINE -- When the concert was becoming a reality, the idea of a line of concert items was exciting.  Lucy came to the Creation offices and worked with our art department designing a logo and the image to go on a shirt and a poster.  A couple days ago, Lucy and I got together to make a clip where she got to see the goodies up close.  She was particularly impressed with the quality of the Lucy Lawless in Concert embroidered logo.  There's more detail on it than we'd ever seen done before.  The t-shirt design cracked her up as you'll hear, along with a few notes of "Black Velvet."  The tote bag brought out the tidbit that she's now taken up ballet along with a reference to a Winnie the Pooh character that tickled me.  As Creation and Lucy are partners in the merchandise, we thought of selling them on both sites.  But that didn't seem very efficient when we thought of the extra paperwork as each site would be splitting the monies and giving half to each other.  So we decided to use Creation's site for the ordering.  So that's where the link in the title takes you.  It's cool stuff.  I know folks who weren't able to make it to the concert were asking if they'd be able to buy some of the merchandise.  I hope this makes you feel a part of the experience that thrilled Lucy and those of us who were there to enjoy the show.

(click on image for QT version)
(wmv version)

2/20/07 -- Lucy popped me a note: " I am off working on Ted Raimi's internet pilot this morning.  I am playing an executive with a nasty problem to solve that involves polaroids going to the wrong recipient."

2/19/07 -- Just confirmed with Lucy that she will be doing this.  You are invited to be part of an exclusive virtual live studio audience on Monday evening when Bob Guiney sits behind the microphone for two hours to record a live demo of the Bob Guiney Show.  Bob's special guests will include actress Bonnie Somerville, who played Mona on "Friends," and who starred in "Wedding Wars" with John Stamos. He'll also be joined by former "Xena: Warrior Princess" star Lucy Lawless, whose other credits include Battlestar Galactica and the upcoming TV drama, "Footballers' Wives."

2/13/07 -- Working with Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

2/9/07 -- And speaking of refrigerators dropping out of the sky -- it was five o'clock and I'm shutting down my computer to head for home.  One last download of email, I tell myself.  And this is the message that hits me in the eyes:

I just booked a show!
'Footballers' wives.
Tell the gang!
I am playing Tony Soprano in Manolos!

Slam, bang, squash!  I leaped out of the chair and ran down the hallway spreading the news.

2/4/07 -- Lucy's CD "come2me" is now online for ordering.  Click links to hear songs.

"Come To Me"
"Let It Whip"

and four remixes of "Come To Me."

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