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February 2012 Archives

2/26/12 -- Tweets from Lucy and her fellow protesters on the day they were arrested:

Mon. 1:00pm
Lucy released from police custody
Talks with media

Mon. 11:45am
PRESS RELEASE: Activists including @RealLucyLawless arrested for Shell Arctic drillship occupation

Mon. 11:31am
Seven of us came up the tower on @Shell's drillship but 4 days later 130,000 will come down. In solidarity we can #savethearctic

Mon. 11:10am
We stand in solidarity with all who love the earth - let's #SavetheArctic from @shell !

Mon. 11:04am
Anticipating imminent arrest so doing final cleanup of camp #savethearctic. Will be dissapointed if we have to leave but will go peacefully.

Mon. 10:54am NZ time
The police have started climbing the ladder

2/23/12 -- Lucy climbed 50 meters today to the top of a Shell oil rig ship along with 5 protesters from Greenpeace NZ.  The ship was due to depart for the Arctic to explore oil drilling possibilities.  You think it was hard to stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Try stopping one in the Arctic.  They've settled in for the night and the long haul.  Lucy's been tweeting all day.

@RealLucyLawless Today I’m taking direct action with GreenpeaceNZ in peaceful protest against Shell’s Arctic oil drilling

@RealLucyLawless I’m on one of the oldest drill rigs on the planet and it’s heading to the Arctic.  Tell Shell to stop

@RealLucyLawless Why? 1. The Arctic is in the crosshairs of Climate Change profiteers.

@RealLucyLawless Why? 2. Because a blowout under Arctic ice will make the Gulf of Mexico spill look like a children's party

@RealLucyLawless Why?3. Because We have the technology and knowledge to change the course of  runaway climate change. We owe it to our kids

@RealLucyLawless All safe up here but a squall coming in. Good spirits.

@RealLucyLawless Oil Scientists say they do not have the technology to clean up an oilspill in the Arctic.

@RealLucyLawless Because of remoteness, harsh weather and 6 months darkness, an oilspill could rage for years under the ice

@RealLucyLawless Wind strengthening. Taking the shredded banner down. Fasten your seatbelts, Muchachos, it's going to be a bumpy night

@RealLucyLawless Activists are going to be tucked up like the Little Rascals. Sleeping hardcore 50m up in the air. Gotta be done

2/18/12 -- Yes, that's Lucy on Twitter!  She's RealLucyLawless.  I've been talking with her about it for a couple weeks and she popped up a test tweet to see how it works.  Just heard from her this morning that she's ready to go!  Now that she's on, info, mayhem and frivolity will follow.  So sign up now!

2/15/12 -- Just heard from Lucy that she starts filming Jane Campion's Top of the Lake next week! 

Directed by Campion and Australian director Garth Davis, it is a seven-hour BBC Worldwide miniseries filming in Queenstown, New Zealand written by Campion and Gerard Lee.  Also starring Elisabeth Moss, Holly Hunter, Peter Mullan and David Wenham.  The story is set in the remote mountains of New Zealand and follows the disappearance of a five-months pregnant 12-year-old named Tui who was last seen standing chest-deep in a frozen lake.  Investigating detective Robin Griffin (Moss) must lose herself in order to find the missing girl.  During the investigation, she collides with Matt Mitcham (Mullan), Tui’s father, a local drug lord, and G.J (Hunter), a guru at a local women’s camp.  The Sundance Channel will co-produce and distribute in the U.S.

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