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January 2007 Archives

1/31/07 -- Just posted a show reel Lucy put together for an audition she's having.  Have a look.

1/21/07 --  I know there's a world out there, but I'm still reeling from the convention and that Kiwi gal's rock show.  You know, that woman who sold out the Roxy!  Things should start getting back to normal this week.  We're working on the dvd of Lucy's concert and clips will be going up on this website and the Xena Kit 12 site to keep you occupied until it's ready to go.  The concert merchandise will be online for ordering any moment now.  And I'll be putting up Lucy's cd for ordering as well.  Note to those who ordered the Lucy shirts and photos -- all orders, up to those placed yesterday, will go out Monday.  Lucy sent over a photo tonight of her and Renee during the concert.  It will tug at your heartstrings.

(photo: Bruce Glikas)

1/8/07 -- To those who have been asking, yes, the concert merchandise and Lucy's CD will be available online after this weekend on Creation's website and this website.  Here's some of the merchandise -- a long-sleeve shirt, short-sleeve shirt, poster.  There will be other items with the "Lucy in Concert" silhouette logo on them.  I'll pop that logo up tomorrow.

1/6/07 -- We'll be filming both nights at the Roxy with plans to release the complete show on DVD.  Lucy will release her CD single "come2me" that weekend.  It contains "Come To Me" and "Let It Whip."  "Come To Me" is done in five different DJ mixes.

Check out the links, in Lucy's messages, to comedian Tig Notaro and also artist Amy Bird's work which is being exhibited at the Milo Gallery. 

Lucy signed a few of the "Do Something Scary" shirts and I'm starting to send them out.  The "Signature" shirts arrived Friday and I'll have a few of them signed and start mailing them next week. 

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