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January 2008 Archives

1/13/08 -- New message from Lucy talking about the exciting time she had meeting Dean Kamen at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.  The inventor of the Segway got her fired up about getting more kids involved in science and technology.  We're going to need brilliant minds to get through the problems we're dealing with now.  She also is giving us a hint about her upcoming concert at the Roxy.  It involves cowgirls and evening gowns!  And, to celebrate her foray into country music, she's releasing the David Mack drawing of "Cowboy Lucy."  It will be for sale on the website and at the convention.  An 11 x 14 print on parchment paper.

1/7/08 -- Lucy's Saturday Roxy concert sold out!  Not a square inch left in the room.  Friday VIP tickets are sold out and there are only a few standing room tickets left for Friday.  Talked with Lucy over the weekend and she's so excited about the show she's planning.  I told her to get the camera ready to record some rehearsals so we could have a peek at what she's planning.

1/3/08 -- Let's start the New Year with a clip from Coffee Talk 6 starring Lucy and Renee.  This clip is called "The Missing Voice of Elmo."  Lucy tells the story of her appearance at a benefit for the Young Storytellers Foundation.  There will be another clip up on the Official Xena Fan Club page tomorrow.

(click on image for QT) (wmv version)

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