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July 2010 Archives

7/29/10 -- Lucy wrote me confirming her appearance on the animated series American Dad.  She'll be voicing a funny little character in an acting class.  Lucy said, "I did that a hundred years ago!"  Actually, it was only about a year ago.  FYI, Marissa Jaret Winokur's husband, Judah, is a writer for the series.

Lucy and Renee just missed each other at Comic-con.  Renee was doing some late filming on a movie for dvd release called Moby Dick.  It's directed by Trey Stokes who also directed Renee in Ark which is now available for viewing on

7/23/10 -- Spartacus Fan Chat - Live from San Diego Comic-Con -- July 23 5:30pm PST

7/23/10 -- I've been texting with Lucy yesterday and today about her adventures at Comic Con.  I asked about Michael Ausiello's tweet, "In advance of our chat in AM, SPARTACUS' Lucy Lawless is texting me pics of herself modeling merkins. This interview could get hairy."  Now having had a glimpse of what she was texting him, I'm surprised he dared enter the interview room!  And considering what happened to him when he did . . . well, take a look for yourself.  <G>  Lucy said they took photos during the interview so we may get to gaze upon the redhead's merkin yet.

And Lucy and Renee are going to try and meet up this evening!  I'll see if I can get a shot of them to post.

7/20/10 -- Lucy Lawless on Craig Kilborn's TV show The Kilborn File will air tomorrow, Wednesday, July 21, at 6:30pm (PT).  The Kilborn File airs on FOX11 in Los Angeles.

7/16/10 -- Lucy just popped over another photo from her European jaunt -- "Weightless In Firenze."  And if you thought Xena had many skills, she's got nothing over our Lucy!

7/14/10 -- Lucy's posted a message to the government of New Zealand.

7/9/10 -- Lucy filmed a piece with Tig Notaro for a few weeks ago.  Lucy just sent me the link to Lez Chat.

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