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June 2008 Archives

6/29/08 -- Lucy and Friends after CityWalk concert.

(Lucy with Michael, Marissa and Debbie Carrington)

6/29/08 -- Two more CityWalk concert clips -- "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" and "Like the Way I Do."

                                                      QT   WMV                                                   QT   WMV

6/28/08 AFTER THE CONCERT!  I always loved going to concerts in Central Park when I lived in New York City.  The music going out over the buildings, filling the sky.  The cool winds, people filled with excitement at being outdoors and everyone swaying in time with each other.  It was magical.  And Lucy's concert tonight brought it all back.  She soared on the waving hands and raised voices of the fans up front and made converts of the people walking by.  Here's "What's Up," "Fooled Around and Fell In Love," and "Hallelujah."

                                                                          QT   WMV                                                   QT   WMV


And yesterday, the band met for the first time.  It's incredible.  When Michael handed them the song charts, that was the first time they had seen them except for two songs that are holdovers from the Roxy 08 concert.  Which tells you that she's using the same musicians.  That's the skill it takes to be a studio musician -- they hand the the music and you begin to play.  Magnificently, I might add.  Here's a taste of "Are You Gonna Be My Girl."

6/26/08 -- More CityWalk rehearsing with Michael Orland as they go through "Hallelujah."  And meet Michael's two music-loving dogs.


6/23/08 -- New message from Lucy about working as a troll on Bedtime Stories and prepping for this Saturday's concert at CityWalk.

6/22/08 -- Lucy has started rehearsals with Michael Orland for the CityWalk concert this coming Saturday.  They meet in Michael's studio, along with two very large dogs!  Today they worked on what songs to include from Lucy's five concerts and what order to put them in.  Here's a bit of "Superstar."


6/20/08 -- Here she is, right in the beauty parlor.  Quality of the photo isn't that great, but check out those eyes against the new color.

6/19/08 -- Lucy's getting her hair done.  Normally that wouldn't rate an announcement, but . . . wait till you see the photos she's taking with her phone as it shapes up.  Word to the wise, check back to this space.

Meanwhile, here is the first of a series of clips of the dress rehearsal of Lucy's London concert.


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