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June 2012 Archives

6/30/12 -- Lucy popped over the Guardian article link to me, see above.  The Save the Arctic petition is over 350,000!  I think we keep crashing it so if you get an error message, try later, don't give up!

6/21/12 -- Lucy is in Rio at the Rio+20 UN Earth Summit joining with people all over the world calling for the Arctic to be declared a global sanctuary. 

Together We Can Save the Arctic
Lawless Joins Push for High Arctic Sanctuary
Thousands Flock to Visit Greenpeace Ship at Rio+20 Earth Summit

6/15/12 -- Lucy blogs for Greenpeace after the court appearance where the charge was dropped from burglary down to trespassing for the 4-day protest on the Shell oil rig ship.  The sentencing court date is set for September.

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