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March 2007 Archives

3/31/07 --  If Lucy's performance last night at the Pure White Party didn't make your blood sizzle, those fantastic dancers working with her would have done the trick.  What an incredible night!  There must have been 4,000 people in that room and I'm sure the roar of delight at her appearance must have been heard round the world.  Lucy was on fire.  Her confidence on stage continues to grow and her movements to the music are dead on and filled with an energy that blazes out from every gesture.  I think we can safely put the nickname "Unco" to bed.  And that outfit?  Can't find the words -- just click on the photo below taken backstage in the green room.  Here's a videoclip of her performance of "Black Velvet."  (click image with dancer for QT version) (wmv version)

                                                                                "Black Velvet"

3/30/07 -- You all know Lucy's performing at the Dinah Shore Weekend Girl Bar Pure White Party tonight at the Hotel Zoso.  (Boy, that's  mouthful!)  Yesterday afternoon she met with choreographer Michael Schwandt and her dancers and went over the three numbers she'll be performing at midnight.  Got out my trusty camera and filmed the rehearsal.  Click on the image below (QT version) to watch Lucy working out to "I'm the Only One" by Melissa Etheridge.  She started out getting a few of the steps in the hallway while another performer was going through their routine.  Then it was into the studio and under the hot lights.  Boy, I miss the smell of Warrior Dancer sweat  <G>  (wmv version)  (Big file, give it time to load)

3/27/07 -- "Tanya Austin," wife of a "Florida Stingray," is checking in again.  She mentioned recently that her fans won't recognize her and one of the reasons is because of the long fingernails Tanya's wearing that, Lucy says, "Make typing a bugger!"  And now we know the name of the football team the show is based around.

"Hanging around in the trailer."  Lucy as "Tanya Austin" in Football Wives

3/18/07 -- Talked with Lucy today and she's having the best time working on Football Wives.  The people are a joy, the character is wicked and fun to play. 

3/13/07 -- Lucy's been designing shirts again.  This time she was intrigued with a tattoo-style design.  She worked with an artist and came up with this -- it's yellow on a black shirt.  I'm going to run a size poll over on the yahoo group.  The shirt will be available after Lucy's Palm Springs gig on March 30.

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