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March 2011 Archives

3/25/11 -- Lucy had a great time at the BARE Christchurch fundraiser and whipped out her phone to send up a photo of her and Sam Neill.  Check out the photo and message above.

3/22/11 -- This Friday, NZ time, Lucy's participating in a fundraiser for the Christchurch earthquake victims.  She'll be one of the players in Toa Fraser's BARE.  She wrote me saying, "I play someone that gets caught with her pants down."  Ticket information here.

3/19/11 -- Folks have been asking for hints about what to do for Lucy's birthday and how do the toasts work.  Here are some examples:

"I raise a toast Lucy with my bicycle pump as I went on a bike ride for exercise and fresh air."
"I raise a toast Lucy with music as I went to my friend's house and we shared our favorite songs."
"I raise a toast Lucy with my camera as I went out and took pictures of Spring bursting out all over."
"I toast Lucy with soapsuds as I participated in a car wash to raise money for the Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims."
"I toast Lucy with quilts as I took my mom to a quilt show and we shared a great afternoon."
"I toast Lucy with vegetables as I went to a farmer's market and bought great veggies to eat."
"I toast Lucy with the sun as I went out before it was up and watched a glorious sunrise."

Does that help?
FYI, my  home computer is in the shop and I only get to check my mail onces a day.

3/18/11 -- Want to celebrate Lucy's birthday (3/29) this year?  I asked her what she'd most enjoy having the fans do this year and she sent back the note above.  Sounds like fun and good for the soul/spirit.  Although I find Twinkies very life-affirming  <G>  If you do something, drop me a note at and I'll collect them all and send the list of "toasts" to Lucy.  You have until April 4 to send them to me.

3/12/11 -- Lucy's Flip is getting a workout.  There seems to have been a deluge of people asking what she and Renee were making in the kitchen.  So she sent up a couple vids showing us the finished product and explaining what they are.  Sorry, no chocolate.  FYI, blood tests are just part of standard film contracts that actors have to take before she starts filming the second season of Spartacus.  Lucy says, "I have lovely blood!"

3/10/11 -- Renee came to visit Lucy in New Zealand and they did a bit of filming.  Lucy wrote a blog although we have no idea what they were cooking.  I'll check into that.  I'm hoping for something chocolate, but I think it's in the vegetable family.  She also talks about working on No Ordinary Family with a very cryptic remark about Jimmy Bennett who plays JJ. 

3/9/11 -- All those "likes" won the day -- Argo came in first and Starship gets an extra $5000.  You guys are awesome!  Lucy just sent up a video thanks.

Thanks from Lucy to the fans.
(click for video)

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