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5/31/11 -- With my computer finally up and running, I was able to put together the Birthday Toasts and send them to Lucy.  She was delighted and you can read her note above.  Thanks so much for taking Lucy's suggestion to "do something out of the usual that nourishes them in some way."  What a great idea Lucy had to celebrate her birthday and what fun and novel ideas you all came up with. 

Thought I'd post them here so you could see what made her so happy :)


I toast Lucy with the container of scrap metal I have collected for months to turn into cash for Unity for Life Transplant Tucson.

I raise a toast to Lucy with flour as I baked traditional Finnish bread with good friends and lots of laughter.

I toast Lucy by spending a peaceful hour or two down at Wantagh Park on the south shore of Long Island feeding the ducks, geese & fish as I sit and look out over the Great South Bay & breathing in the salty sea air.  I'll be drinking a thermos full of herbal tea & listening to LL's Roxy CD while feeding the wildlife.  Oops...forgot about the sea gulls swooping in...will have to wear a hat.

I toast Lucy with the "supermoon" as I went out to watch the moon, which is the closest that it has been to the earth in 18 years,  with a dear friend and thinking of peace for the world.

I raise a toast to Lucy with the kayak paddle in the beautiful pacific Ocean on the California coast.

I toast Lucy with healing tears as I hug my friend after sitting with her for an hour of listening and talking through some very painful events in both of our lives.

I toasted Lucy with a Texas Margarita in my hand, a cat on my lap, and 5 other cats sitting around me, gazing at me adoringly. The fact that I had a slice of pizza in my other hand had nothing to do with their devotion. Nope, not a bit.

I raise a toast to Lucy with Maple Syrup as I run from tree to tree collecting sap.

As a 60yr old this June(!) and a long ago Catholic school gal who always stayed in line, I will light up in a toast to Lucy, one of these flavored cigarillos I bought, to remind me of simple desires. Having never been a smoker, I'll find it a lovely, overdue indulgence as I sit on my back deck, stare at the horizon over Campobello Island, and reflect back on all the years as the smoke disappears in the breeze; much like these fast moving years. My toast will include a well-aware laugh, and maybe a Hail Mary for good measure. ;)

I toast Lucy with storybooks as today I read to my daughter’s class.

I toast Lucy with a motivation video I made, while out running, for my fellow Xenites on the 'To a Strong Amazon Nation' group on Facebook that we set up to encourage one another to keep healthy and stay fit!

I raise a toast Lucy with my photography that gets me out of the house as I use to be housebound. To feel so inspired that I can capture moments and memorys of the world and the beauty it holds.

I toast Lucy with a folded origami crane for the people in Japan, a crane is a symbol of wisdom, luck and blessings!

I toast Lucy with friendship, as I get to see my two dearest friends this weekend.

I've had a bad back for years after a car accident and regular PT just didn't help. But, recently I took up Poi Spinning... And blow me over with a happy feather but THAT actually worked wonders!! No one was more surprised than my physical therapist!
So in short - I'll raise a toast to Lucy with a pair of spinning poi, as that seems to be all I want to do these days! Such amazing fun! (and with origins in NZ too - double woot!!)

I toast Lucy with flowers and dirt, as I prepare my flowerbeds for Spring!

I raise a toast to Lucy as I take an hour of my day for myself,  and listen to hope reviving music.

I will toast Lucy by spending one hour saying my rosary for all the children at Starship and for all who have suffered from natural disasters these past days.

I toast to Lucy on her birthday with Balashi water, from one of the best water distilled in the world produced in Aruba which was also celebrating on that day March 18th it's 35th anniversary of having an identity in the world. A fight that the people of Aruba started over 60 years ago and culminated in1976. Aruba has it's Flag and Anthem to represent it anywhere.

I toast Lucy with a nice glass of wine while I watch the last episode of Xena.

I toast Lucy with all the animals in the world.

Last week I organized a Red Cross blood drive and we collected our goal of 48 units of blood.  My own pint making number 48.  We have possibly helped 144 people have another birthday.  My toast is my pint of blood that might save someone's life or give a cancer patient another birthday.
We collected another 50 units on May 11.  :)

I toast lucy with the 8,972 hours that I have volunteered and for all the hours I plan on volunteering in the future.

I raise a toast to Lucy with my radio in my car as I sing songs out loud giving a full out performance driving to visit my Mom.

I toast Lucy while I watch Xena episode In Sickness and in Hell while laughing with my friends.
Celtic Princess

I raise a toast to Lucy by exercising on my WII.

I raise a toast to Lucy by sending my sister, Crystal Bass, all the way to NZ to see BARE. Its for a great cause, and my sister is a HUGE LL fan!

I toast Lucy by working on developing a regular meditation practice (dammit!).

I raise a toast to Lucy with Tiramisù cake as I am celebrating my birthday with my family.  This morning I raised a toast to Lucy by volunteering to Charitas, and helping people in need.

I raise a toast to Lucy with my saddle as I went on a weekend horse riding trip which I shared with good friends and wonderful horse!

We are going to toast Lucy with our 3 Goldendoodles, 2 German Shepherds, 2 Border Collie mix and a Newfoundland!

A Birthday toast to you for your continued care shown to your fans and it's inspiring influence to do charitable things in my own life.  I value your influence and compassion.

I direct an hour of the local 4.5 hour weekday morning show, Good Day, on the FOX affiliate station in Dallas.  As director, I also get to select the music that plays during bump-ins.  For my toast to Lucy, on her birthday I plan to play all Lucy/Xena related music during my hour.  I know I plan to play Tell Mama. 

I toast Lucy with prayers, song and dance as I have with my theater group staged a musical about Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the money we gave to the humanitarian missions of a community of drug addicts.

I toast Lucy with a phone call to my special friend, who I met in London 2008 at the Xena Convention.

I toast Lucy on her birthday by working at Habitat for Humanity.

I toast Lucy with the sunset as I went out to meditate and witnessed a beautiful  sunset.

I raise a glass on Lucy's birthday to all my fellow cancer survivors who fight the good fight every day and are winning the battle against this awful disease.

I toast Lucy with imagination as I take my kids to the children's museum.

I raise a toast to Lucy as I stand outside and feel the wind in my hair, the salt in the air, and the joy that is the season of spring.

I toast Lucy with seeds as I plant a community garden for the food bank of the Rockies.

I toast Lucy with plane tickets for my 78 year old Mom to fly on a round about trip to San Diego and see her 88 year Aunt and her 73 year old sister and the rest of her large family. Then fly to her to spend time with her youngest Granddaughter and my sweet older brother and his lovely wife. Ending up with three glorious weeks with my husband Robert and I  in our Nor Cal mountain home so I can spoil her and she can just relax and be surrounded with nature, love, good food, great conversion and still more family!

I helped build the inner framework for a family's new home with my local Habitat for Humanity.  I toast to Lucy who is such an inspiration, knowing that we all make a difference.

I raise a toast to Lucy with eating healthy for a week
I raise a toast to Lucy with walking every day 
I raise a toast to Lucy with finally being able to go outside without a jumper on in America .... :)
and finally I raise a huge toast to Lucy in seeing more of America

I toast lucy with the grade 10 FCAT packet, my graphing calculator and my tutee :) for I have volunteered my 50 minute lunch period to a sophomore in my high school who needed math tutoring, so for the next week or so I offered my brain to assist another.

I toast Lucy with the early morning sun because this bright day made me think of her.

Get up very early to the streets to experience the adventure that gives us life every day, give thanks for having an amazing family and friends whom I adore.

I raise a toast Lucy with bread crumbs as I feed the birds on Dam Square in Amsterdam on a lovely day.

I toast to Lucy going to visit my family and friends have not seen for months because I live in another city.

I toast Lucy with some NZ pinot noir as I just finished a painting of an owl for my unborn nephew. The owl symbolizes knowledge, which I hope my nephew will seek to acquire.

I toast Lucy with my Defensive Tactics book as I learned how to defend myself against knife attacks.

I will be toasting Lucy by being up and watch the sunrise as I prepare for work, and then contacting my friend later as the sun sets.

I raise a toast to Lucy with my plane ticket.  I haven’t seen my husband since the first week of December ’10 and I’m flying to Miami to see him!
I also raise a toast to Lucy with my pack of Marlboros because I am quitting smoking and this is my last pack!

I raise a toast Lucy with my sneakers as I walk down the streets of Westbury, taking in a whole new day.

I toast Lucy with a sunny day as I took my grandma to see relatives and had a great day with loved ones.

I toast Lucy with a smile because of the joy she gives us lightens our days.

I raise a toast to Lucy as I send loving energy to all the places on our earth where people, plants or animals are suffering.

I raise a toast for Lucy with joy and zest for life as I take control of my health and well being by getting my annual health check up and eating healthier.

I toast Lucy by getting the child I nanny for outside to play and plant a garden. We are all so excited to start growing our own fruit and vegetables.

A toast to Lucy with an early morning work out at the gym in the delightful company of my daughter and granddaughter. 

I toast Lucy with our beautiful SUN that nourish us with COSMIC PRANA, and I’m starting today with RAW FOOD thanks to you Lucy.  I’m also enjoying in doing beautiful SOLAR YOGA or SUNGAZING with my family, with a gratitude to the sun, that gives me all their benefits.  Today I shine my Love light for everyone to see.  I show it through my eyes.  I show it through my Open Heart.  Namaste.

I did charitable contribution as a toast to Lucy to Ukrainian Red Cross Society (this time for people of Japan) and participated in Earth Hour.

I raise a toast Lucy with a romantic dinner with my wife as we didn't go out in months due to our jobs.
Roberta & Ara

I toast Lucy with fine champagne and a mirror to reflect the joy, compassion, honour and grace she has so openly and lovingly gifted to others.

I toast your birthday WITHOUT a cigarette in my hand! I so want to quit!

A toast is raised in your honour as I put the final touches on my MA Dissertation in English literature!

I raise a toast Lucy with a glass of that gorgeous wine, which has been grown and cultivated at Blenheim, while my family and me are sitting in our garden for the first time this year, enjoying the upcoming Hamburg spring.

I toast Lucy with . . . Toast!  Lucy inspired me to go RAW!! I purchased the RAW recipe book she held up in her video, went out and bought a dehydrator, and many wonderful, live, fresh ingredients to make toast!

I raise a toast to Lucy near our small fruit tree," Carambola,” or "star fruit" that has the scientific name of Averrhoa carambola. I raise a toast with Lucy with a bottle of white wine, grapes, watching the waning moon, toasting his life. I'm in the little garden of my house.

I raise a toast to Lucy running for exercise and fresh air celebrating we are all alive being friends.
Teresa, Francisco, Jose and other friends and family

I raise a toast to rescuing a stray cat and finding him a good home. He's a bit hard to catch, but we'll catch him in the end!

I will toast Lucy on her birthday by helping my neighbor clean out her flower beds.  I'll play outside with the babies (dogs) an extra long time, then end the day enjoying time with some friends (which may or may not involve a toast with alcohol--lol).  And as usual, just thank God for His blessings and the ability to enjoy life.

I made a delicious Twinky for the Lucy's birthday!

I toast Lucy with candles and soap suds as I enjoy a candlelit bath with my husband.  I toast Lucy with Friends as I enjoy a glorious afternoon with them.  I toast Lucy with my puppies, Jypsy Lynn and Jasmine Lucy, as I take them for a walk on a beautiful spring morning.

I toast Lucy with my homemade jam that I spent quality time with my mother making.

I raise a toast to Lucy as I go about collecting blankets, towels, pet supplies etc. for the loving animals in the animal shelters in my community.

March 28th is my birthday and my 3 1/2 yr old daughter had a lot more fun celebrating than me :)  Today (March 29th) is also my mother's birthday. 
So here's a toast to you and your kids and motherhood.
Birthdays take on a whole new meaning when you have your kids and parents celebrating with you.

I raise a toast to Lucy with my bottle of water, banana & renewed gym membership as I try to be kinder to my body and those around me.

I toast Lucy with HU, a love song to Divine Spirit, that spark of the Divine within us Humans.

I raise a toast Lucy with enjoying the beautiful sunset here in Albuquerque New Mexico USA.

I raise a toast Lucy with coffee as I went to restaurant with my good friend, she won the fight with breast cancer and we were laughing and talking all afternoon, because we are both happy she is healthy now.

I toast to Lucy with 6 hours of studying where I donated $1 to a chosen charity for each hour I studied.

I Toast Lucy as I have my Breast Check done today and pray we will always be Cancer Free!

I am a US Army soldier recovering from an injury San Antonio TX. I raise a toast to Lucy while I help special needs kids ride horses today. Also a toast to just enjoying life.

I raise a toast to Lucy by taking my dogs for a long walk in the forest, not loosing my cool in traffic today and made a friend thanks to Lucy’s Resene website.

I toast Lucy with Shakespeare and my reading of “King Lear” today.

I raise a toast Lucy with my pencil as I've been taking my time painting a new picture while listening to some awesome music!

I raise a toast to Lucy while I eat lunch with my family under this tropical sun.

I toast Lucy with sunny spring weather as I went out with my mother for a nice walk and had together a cheerful afternoon. 

I raise a toast to Lucy with a coin money helped a homeless who needed it.  I toast Lucy with pancakes, an omelet, a glass of hot chocolate.  I raise a toast to Lucy with a thought to all the world’s children.

I toast Lucy as I end a beautiful day with a walk, and a Mike's Hard Lemonade, after my co-worker and I spent the day packing in preparation to move into our new offices tomorrow!

I raise a toast to Lucy with my guitar as my friends and I are going to play, here and now, your cover version of Shakey Ground.  Music is the best!

A toast to Lucy for saving and jump starting my life again.

I raise a toast for life! For always being able to see a light among the darkness; for being able to keep fighting to preserve the Earth even seeing the human being slaving and hurting the animals, nature and other human brothers, because the fight is not only for them, but for the good people who, like us, want peace and a planet to live and do good... And I raise a toast for Lucy, who show me the way to the right path, to the one where I can actually help Earth and other people.

I toast Lucy with free weights as me and a friend exercised for better health.

I raise a toast to Lucy, as I finish a good meal with a glass of chocolate milk.

I raise a toast Lucy with Love & Laughter as I spent the day with my Grandfather and we had a wonderful day.

My dog (the cat refused to go) and I took a walk along the Blue Ridge Parkway and raised a toast to Lucy while watching the sunrise.  He had water and I had a mocha frappacino.  It was cold and there was a little snow on the ground.  A beautiful morning provided by Mother Nature that kept me feeling great for the rest of the day!  I plan to donate to The Greater Good and Home for Life to help our little fur kids.

I raise a toast to Lucy with my sneakers (don’t worry they don’t smell hahaha) as I prepare to get healthier!!

I raise a toast to Lucy and to my 4 girlfriends as we went out of town for a bowling tournament!  
I raise a toast to Lucy when I took my I-pod and worked out at the gym.
I raise a toast to Lucy as I went to watch my granddaughter bowl.
I raise a toast to Lucy and to my family as we had a family get together.

I raise a toast to Lucy as I spent the day helping a sick friend get her home in order.

I toast Lucy with my pen as I try my hand at writing beautiful poetry about spring flowers and birds on the farm.

I propose a toast to Lucy with a local beer with my friends at the Abbey of Alder in Belgium.

I raise a toast to Lucy with the beautiful animals and landscape I see as I travel the Judean mountain this past week.

I raise a toast to Lucy with my friends, I singing "happy birthday" and we had a thought for her.

I raise a toast to Lucy, as I get to talk with my friends everyday and I am pretty darn glad I met them, for they keep me sane. ;-)

I toast Lucy with a bottle of German beer as I sat on the terrace enjoying the beautiful sunset with my dog.

I toast Lucy with a lotus bud, as I stroll in the company of a friend through a newly discovered garden in the outskirts of Bangkok.

I toast Lucy with my backpack as I took an afternoon off and went hiking with my family.

I toast to lucy with socks! Because...well everyone wants their feet to be warm eh? :P

I toast Lucy with heart as I told my family and friends that I love them.
I toast Lucy with training equipment as I've joined the gym to keep fit.
I toast Lucy with sun as it gives lots of positive energy.
I toast Lucy with internet as I could book a flight ticket to London to see Richard Marx's concert (I just can't wait for the gig!)
I toast Lucy with healthy whole-grain cereals as I love to have them for breakfast.
I toast Lucy with music as it helps me to relax.
I toast Lucy with friendship as I had very inspiring chat with my best friend.

5/29/11 -- Lucy and Andrew made it all the way to the end!  Although I wonder if "Lucretia" has a mysterious limp today?  And she just sent a thank you note and a photo.

5/28/11 -- Help cheer on Lucy and Andrew running a relay for 3 hours today for Christchurch Relief!  Lucy and Andrew Young are participating in a relay to raise money for the New Zealand Red Cross Christchurch relief fund.

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