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November 2011 Archives

11/22/11 -- Lucy was photographed next to the No Drill No Spill sign that is popping up all over New Zealand.  See photo above.

11/14/11 -- Lucy's speaking out about the threat of more deep sea oil drilling off the coast of New Zealand.  She's urging people to sign a Greenpeace petition to the NZ government.  She said, “I’d urge anyone who wants to protect our coasts from an even worse oil spill than that which we saw in Tauranga, to sign this petition. By doing so, they’ll also be doing something positive about the climate crisis that this planet is facing."  Check out her message above.

11/4/11 -- When I saw the tweets about Lucy getting arrested at the Occupy Oakland protest for throwing a shoe at a policeman, I passed them along to Lucy.  Knowing she was in LA not Oakland, I wondered what her response was going to be.  It didn't take long for her to send me her "mug shots" and ask me to tweet them.  We opted to tweet the first shot as, if you look in her eyes, the second one is actually quite sympathetic.  What a hoot!

11/2/11 -- Well, now we know what Lucy dressed up as for Halloween.  Check the photo of her and Viva above.

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