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October 2005 Archives

10/31 -- LUCY LOGO SHIRT NOW READY FOR ORDERING!  The page is up, complete with a video clip of Lucy talking about why she picked this slogan for her first shirt.   Special arrangements have been made for those going to see Lucy on Nov. 11 at the Factory and wanting to wear the shirts there.  The price of the shirt is $25.00.  If you have any questions, drop me a line using the webmaster email link on the shirt page.

10/29 -- FLASH!  Lucy, in "Vampire Bats," made the cover of the Sunday LA Times TV Times which is their weekly TV listings magazine.  May have made the cover of other newspaper TV magazines in other cities.  Check your local Sunday paper!

10/21 -- I made a post over on the yahoo group about a photo of Lucy, a leash and a pet.  Ya gotta love being the mother of boys!  And before I get flooded with emails, it's a gecko.  Here she be:

10/20 -- VAMPIRE BATS PROMOS UPDATE -- Lucy did an Entertainment Tonight piece that will air the week before the movie.  As well as an interview with Eireck Knutsen (not sure of spelling) for print syndication.  She also did a TV Guide Online interview and a series of satellite interviews.  She wasn't sure if they were radio or print.  Talking on the phone to reporter after reporter, you lose track of where they're from!  So I thought I'd pop up another pic of her doing a phone interview -- two-handed!

10/16 -- I told you Lucy went shirt shopping and here's the proof!  Click on the photo to see more images of Lucy wandering through the aisles looking for the best colors and sizes for all.

10/12 -- Did you ever wonder what the actor is doing when they're on a phone interview with the media.  Here ya go.  She's doing an interview with the New York Post and tomorrow will be doing one with the New York Daily News.  Don't know when they're going to run, but keep your eyes peeled.  She also did an AP interview and that will be syndicated in papers around the country.  More photos to come!

10/8 -- Met with Lucy today to start working on the graphics for her website -- also her logo!  I took a few more shots and I'll be putting them up.  One of which involves a rubber glove, glitter and paint -- but I'll leave you to ponder what she was doing.

10/6 -- I know it looks like a blog, but those messages from Lucy at the top of the page really aren't, honest!  <G>  The Captain's Blog area will be, in part, pieces of a video diary Lucy did during the filming of Vampire Bats.  You know, like in 1900 House, where you stare into the camera and everything that drove you nuts during the day pours out!  Absolutely hysterical -- I was on the floor laughing when she showed the tape to me.  Come to think of it, she was on the floor too, but you'll just have to wait and see what I'm talking about.  These notes from her, above, are really more announcements from Lucy about "in the moment" stuff like the naming of the planet and her t-shirt shopping spree. 

10/1 -- Yep, this is Lucy's page.  Yep, it's the real Lucy Lawless, so that will be at the top of the FAQ cuz I don't want to wake up every morning and answer that question 396 times.  Even if I can use cut and paste.  Right now, it's all the news that's fit to print on this page.  We'll start putting up the other ones shortly, er, in the near future, well, as we figure out what we want to do.  There will be a club to join.  There will be an exclusive password protected section with thoughts Lucy can't put anywhere else.  There will be goodies as well.  Lovely shirts with pieces of Lucy's imaginative, wicked mind on them.  I've shown her some of your siggies with her sayings and we decided to emblazon them on your front, back, pocket and maybe a few butts.  The latest came about as she was juggling packing, laundry, Blue's Clues on the computer and making me an avocado shmear, to wit, "If I stop moving, I'm doomed!"  I do have a heart, so I made my own lunch, but Blue's Clues on a PC was beyond me and the last time I did laundry, everything came out pink!  Entries will be unpredictable.  Life's too short to be put on a schedule.  So wander back every once in a while and see what she's up to. -- Sharon

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