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October 2006 Archives

10/14/06 -- It was a beautiful day for the Allure on Location benefit for Clothes Off Our Backs.  After it was over, I spent some time with Lucy talking about the aftereffects of being on Celebrity Duets.  It seems the experience left her with a burning desire to do more singing . . . soon . . . in LA . . . in January . . . during the Xena Convention Weekend!  Let's all cross our fingers that the planets line up and Lucy gets to hit the stage!  Have a listen to the QT version.  (wmv version)

10/11/06 -- Photography by Darrell Redleaf.

10/5/06 -- All the videoclips from the final week of Celebrity Duets are now online under the Celebrity Duets link.  I put "Tell Mama" at the top so you wouldn't have to scroll around and find it.  I suspect there will be some who will probably start each day by giving it a click  <G>  And right below that is Lucy's thanks to the fans, old and new, cuz that meant so much to her -- and to those of us who were there and those there in spirit.  Got lots more backstage photos to post over the coming days.  Thought I'd leave you tonight with another peek at the backstage tomfoolery.  You remember the massager Lucy was packing up on closing night?  Well, here it is in action!

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