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October 2007 Archives

Lucy's going to do another concert at the Roxy during the upcoming January Xena convention weekend.  The concert will be on Friday and Saturday, Jan. 25 & 26.  Click the link above to order tickets.

10/11/07 -- What an incredible week it was with the pre-concert publicity appearances on radio and tv, the concert itself and then the convention.  Up every morning at 5:00am to get to the studio, rehearsals until 10:00 at night.  (Speaking of which, I have more rehearsal footage which I'll be uploading soon here and on the Official Xena Fan Club page.)  When showtime finally rolled around Friday night, it was the greatest feeling to stand among the audience and just be carried along by their love and enthusiasm for Lucy.  There were so many first-timers.  What an introduction to the magic Lucy performs on stage.  And if you thought the joint was rocking Friday, it all came together Saturday night.  Opening night jitters of a brand new show with 10 new songs melted away and the band, the audience and Lucy just soared!  Here's a taste of that closing night with Lucy doing "River Deep, Mountain High."

(click on image for QT) (wmv version)

10/5/07 -- Here's the second videoclip of Lucy rehearsing with the band.  The first is on the Official Xena Fan Club site.  It was a song I hadn't heard of, "I Smell A Rat."  Might be by Big Mama Thornton.  Watch Lucy and Joe LoDuca and the trumpet player, Mike Cichowicz, work out what part the "rat" will play in the song and who will give voice to this character.  (QT version only.  I'll be putting it up on youtube and will add wmv version when I get home.)

Update on Lucy's WGN-TV appearance.  The guest after her was a singer named Lenny Williams and they wound up doing a duet together.  If you tuned out after Lucy's piece, tune into their website to see a clip of the song they did together when it is uploaded.

10/2/07 -- Here's a list of radio/tv appearances Lucy will be making over the next few days:

Wednesday, Oct. 3
Daily Herald podcast -- recorded 6:30pm, not sure when it's airing,

Thursday, Oct. 4
WGN-TV -- 7:45am live appearance
Mancow Muller Radio Show -- 8:30am live appearance
WCKG-FM -- Stan and Terry Show -- 9:30am live appearance

Friday, Oct. 5
WGN-AM Radio -- 7:15am live appearance in Showcase room that overlooks the street with a very large window you will be able to see in!
FOX TV -- Good Day Chicago (tentative) -- 8:30am live appearance

Gotta have a bit of Melissa Etheridge in a Lucy concert and she picked "Will You Still Love Me" for the Chicago concert.  Have a listen.  Over on the Xena Fan Club page you can hear Tuck and Patti's "Heaven Down Here."

(click on image for QT) (wmv version)

10/1/07 -- Lucy was rehearsing numbers for the Chicago concert with Daisy and Jason and I grabbed my camera.  Here's "Fooled Around and Fell In Love," sung through a modern-day dixie cup and string.  Check out the Xena Fan Club page for "River Deep, Mountain High."

(click on image for QT) (wmv version)

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