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October 2008 Archives

10/29/08 -- Added Lucy's blog about doing the Dave Hill Explosion at a small theatre in Los Angeles along with Loudon Wainwright III.  It was a riotous night.  Reminded me of the routines Andy Kaufman used to do.  At one point, Lucy took over and began interviewing Loudon  <G>

10/28/08 -- Added Lucy's blog about working on Angel of Death.  There is an interview with Zoe and photos of Lucy as Vera on

10/27/08 -- I popped over to Lucy's house today and did some filming to catch up on things she's been doing.  I'll post the blog in daily segments starting today.  Earlier in the day, she did an interview with TV Guide about her guest role on CSI: Miami that will run in the magazine covering the week of Nov. 10 - 16.

10/20/08 --
Dave Hill Explosion
Tues, Oct. 21 -- 10:30pm
UCB Theatre -- 5919 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
with guests Lucy Lawless and Loudon Wainwright III

10/3/08 -- Lucy's working on The L Word and sends thanks for all the support the audience gave her at the San Francisco concert.  Also, a tip of the hat to the fans who submitted videos.  Here are the four that were used at this past weekend's show.

Angela  "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"
Berkin  "Damn I Wish I Was Your Love"
Angela  "Hallelujah"
Sara  "Bitch"

10/1/08 -- And now . . . The Squirrel Tapes! 

(click images for mpg videos)

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