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September 2006 Archives

9/29/06 -- Celebrity Duets Finale -- Congratulations to Alfonso, the Champion.  Well, that was an incredible five weeks.  I've had a great time watching Lucy's love affair with singing blossom as she worked with the various music legends.  And the backstage camaraderie and support between the contestants is something I wish there was more of in life.  Lucy had an incredible time and I thank her for letting us join her on the ride of a lifetime.

This photo was taken at the Jerry's Deli wrap party after the show.  This is what Lucy won -- new, good friends, new confidence in herself, experiences that will give her a lifetime of memories.  Listen to her backstage video.  And thanks to everyone who went along on the ride.

9/28/06 -- You've all seen the show now . . . and voted your fingers off!  Here's Lucy's backstage video after the taping of tonight's show.  And a photo of Lucy and Bonnie Tyler after the show.

9/27/06 -- Renee was in the audience tonight and the girls filmed a Get Out the Vote video.  Check it out on the Xena Fan Club page at

When I was trying to think who the 80s female blues icon would be, why didn't this name pop into my head?  It was perfect!  It was wonderful!  It brought tears to my eyes that Lucy could have such a dream come true!  I can't wait until Thursday when everyone can see and hear what an incredible time Lucy had.  If we thought she thrilled us before, this will melt your heart.  And her returning legend?  A perfect choice.  Marie's right -- Lucy is singing in every genre.  I didn't know the band could do swing music!  Oh what a night, what a magical night!

9/26/06 --

Here's last Thursday's backstage videoclip with Lucy commenting on Marie's tip to touch Richard Marx on the shoulder and Chaka Khan's version of how that should really work.

9/22/06 -- Well, that was a nail-biter of a show.  First Lucy, Jai and Hal were lined up with one more person still to be voted off, after Cheech was eliminated and Alfonso was declared safe.  And then it was Hal who was told he was moving on to next week.  I couldn't breathe when Lucy and Jai were the two left standing.  That was a real surprise and it goes to show that you can't count on vote tallies to stay consistent as Lucy was the top vote-getter last week and Wayne announced Jai was on top the week before.  When Wayne told Jai he was the one going home, I breathed a sigh of relief for Lucy and felt tears fill my eyes for Jai.  Lucy's right when she says they've all bonded and become a family.  And wasn't that good-bye tribute to Cheech the sweetest thing?  It's on to next week.  Get those dialing fingers warmed up.  It's going to be a rocky ride!

Hear Lucy's backstage thoughts on Jai being eliminated and her moving on to the final round of the show.  How all the other contestants cheered Jai when he was singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with Patti LaBelle and hit that incredible note at the end.  Her feelings for Hal.  How Alfonso's always been there to rescue her.  And her thanks to the fans for their support. 

9/20/06 -- Lucy's been visiting Alek Adorian again!

9/16/06 -- Who's the Top Vote Getter?  LUCY!!  She won the week and it was announced that she had the most votes.  As "safe" or "bottom three" was announced after each performance, Cheech and Carly were in the bottom three and Jai and Alfonso were safe.  The last two performers were Lucy and Hal and they kept putting commercials up to drag out the suspense.  It drove me nuts!  Finally, Wayne Brady said, "One of you is in the bottom three and the other is this week's top vote getter."  And then he announced that Hal was in the bottom three.  You did it!  You dialed your little fingers off and put Lucy on top!  And here's a shot of this evening's magnificent Alek Adorian dress.

Lucy knows exactly why she came out on top and this week's backstage video is her personal thanks to all of you as well as the new note at the top of this page.

9/14/06 -- The legend tonight was Dionne Warwick!  The crowd leapt to their feet when she appeared.  And Lucy bounced with glee.  As she says in the intro to the song, "I Say a Little Prayer" is not an easy song to sing, especially doing the harmony, but their voices blended well together.  And Dionne looked so supportive of Lucy, it was a joy to watch them perform together.  Got another backstage photo of the dress she was wearing with Lucy with Lucy doing a sassy pose for the camera. 

Click here to see a backstage video of Lucy filmed right after the dress rehearsal.  Lucy's getting a kick out of these raw clips backstage.  And she sends a reminder to, "Don't forget to vote!  Cuz it's close!"  I promised her we'll all be there for her.  And then I went home, watched the show and dialled until my finger went numb.

9/12/06 -- As promised, here's the photo of the other dress Lucy may wear for the show.

9/11/06 -- An interesting thing happened when they posted the number in New York to call to vote for Lucy.  They posted the WRONG NUMBER!  She wrote me, "I believe some medical center got 5000 wrong calls.  I sure hope no one's health was compromised.  Ouch!"

Lucy tried on a few more gowns at Alek Adorian's store and it seems someone had a camera.  She sent me two photos saying they might make an appearance on the show.  She wrote, "I am chiefly going to be wearing Alek's designs.  He seems to know my body really well."  I think we all could agree with that assessment.  Here's the first one.  I'll put the other one up tomorrow.  And we also get to see the designer, Alek, with one of his favorite clients.

9/9/06 -- Lucy's flying high and we all get to go along on the ride!  She popped the blog above off to me today and said I have to put the photo of her and Kenny Loggins that was taken backstage up for everyone to see.  So here it is.  And the Wynonna Appreciation Society is mutual.  I ran into Wynonna backstage and she couldn't say enough good things about Lucy.  Maybe those two will get to sing together someday.  And my thanks to Wy and Bono for setting Stella free to soar!

9/8/06 -- You are not going to believe your eyes . . . or your ears!  Nail your feet to the floor when you tune in tonight to see Lucy sing "Footloose" with Kenny Loggins!  I was on my feet cheering the whole time!  Our girl has never been finer.  Whatever you had planned DO NOT MISS TONIGHT'S SHOW!  And here's the outfit she wore.

Click here to see a backstage video of Lucy filmed right after the dress rehearsal. 

Lucy was off to see Aretha Franklin at the Kodak theatre tonight.

9/7/06 -- Round Two of Celebrity Duets has just finished.  I've uploaded the song over on the left under Videos.  Tomorrow the votes will be tallied and announced on the show (FOX, 9:00PM ET/PT).  All you folks with carpel tunnel from autodialing tune in.  Backstage I caught Lucy in another magnificent dress by Alek Adorian.  He is the designer of the white gown she wore last week.  I also tried out the videocamera option on my still camera to see if it would work.  Lucy had already changed into jogging togs and was still bubbling over having the chance to sing "Whenever I Call You Friend" with Kenny Loggins.  In fact, she grabbed my camera and had someone take a picture of the two of them in the hallway.  (Click on Jogging Lucy to see the mpg video.)


There was a mob of camera crews from the entertainment TV shows outside the stage after the show ended.  Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming segments on FOX 11 in Los Angeles, E!, Extra, etc.  More pics to come.

9/2/06 -- Here's another David Mack portrait of Lucy that wasn't used in his comic.

(click for large size)

9/1/06 -- Lucy is all a-bubble about Duets.  Here's Mama Rose getting Cinderella ready for the ball.

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