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September 2007 Archives

9/25/07 -- Here's a promo for Lucy's Chicago concert using footage from the Canal Room dvd.

(click on image for QT) (wmv version)

9/23/07 -- In an earlier message, Lucy talked about the photo shoot that gave birth to Disco Lucy.  Here's the first in a series of clips that shows what led up to the photo I'm using as a still to click on for the videoclip.

(click on image for QT) (wmv version)

9/22/07 -- I brought over to Lucy the Feel the Love Week list of contributors and she was touched and thrilled that folks pitched in again for the second year.  So many good deeds are being done all over the world in her name that it's just awe-inspiring.  You guys are so cool!  Check out Lucy's note above.

9/12/07 -- Lucy met with her vocal coach, Eric Vetro, to work on material for the Chicago concert at Buddy Guy's Legends.  She's obviously been listening to Carly Simon as they're running through "You're So Vain."  Lucy has a scathingly brilliant idea for a prop for this song (grin)  You may notice a strange sightline when the clip opens.  It seems to be a great shot of the ceiling and we see nothing of Eric but the top of his head.  Turns out Lucy had made a pile of books -- not in short supply in Eric's office -- and stood the camera on top of them.  Luckily, she realized what the camera was seeing and pulled a couple out of the pile.

(click on image for QT) (wmv version)

9/10/07 -- Lucy's Curb Your Enthusiasm episode is #7.  The new season of the show started this past Sunday.  If they run without airing any reruns, that would put her episode on Oct. 21.  Haven't a clue if that's the way it actually will happen.

9/8/07 -- Just saw an advance copy of Burn Notice.  Lucy is riveting, stunningly beautiful and gets to play a full range of emotions in this part.  As is usual in the series, the rapport and dialogue between the regulars is delightful.  It really is a fun show to watch.  But for Lucy fans, you’re gonna be on the edge of your seats!  My mouth is still hanging open  (grin)  It was such fun to get to see her work again.  Sometimes you can forget just how good a friend is at their job.  Don’t forget to tune in this coming Thursday, USA Network, 10 ET/PT, 9 CT.

9/6/07 -- Lucy's filming an interview for E! Entertainment news today about Burn Notice.  We don't know when it will air, but start looking today.

9/4/07 -- A week and a day until Lucy's guest appearance on Burn Notice and here's a clip of Lucy talking about the show along with a couple pics courtesy NBC Universal. 

(click on image for QT) (wmv version)

9/2/07 -- Okay, the photos of Lucy sitting in the egg chair (thanks KT) in the liquid catsuit are now on sale.  These were shot in a New York City hotel lobby during the Canal Room concert.  We went down there late one night.  Lucy spotted the chair and sat in it.  Then she began to wiggle for a better position.  Brought her knees up.  Then stretched her legs out to an incredible length!  She reached up to the ceiling and draped her arms hither and yon.  She was having a ball.  Then we went outside and began to walk up and down the street.  That's when she spotted the statue outside a restaurant of the little boy.  You should have seen the faces of the people walking by on the steet . . . and the ones checking into the hotel when they looked over and saw her lounging on the chair!  What an advertisement she would make  <G>

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