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September 2008 Archives

9/29/08 -- The fan music video submissions were quite successful.  As Lucy said, there are a lot of talented editors in Xena fandom.  Four of them were used in the Herbst show.  And we're gathering some of the others to potentially use at another concert.  I'm going to post tomorrow the videos that were used.  Here's another clip from the dress rehearsal -- Lucy doing "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover."

9/28/08 -- Lucy took her concert to San Francisco this weekend and brought the house down with a great performance and some unexpected frivolity.  I've never been backstage during Lucy's shows, but I was this weekend.  I'll tell that story later.  The reason I bring it up is that when Lucy left the stage after her encore, she came up to me to ask how the show went.  I heard the crowd continuing to cheer and yell and starting to chant her name.  I hollered at her, "You want to know how it went, listen to that!  You gotta go out and take another bow!"  She'd never done that before, but I kept waving my arms saying, "You gotta go out there!!"  So she did.  And that brought about the frivolity.  They had been playing around with an idea during the dress rehearsal to redo one of the concert songs based on the audience saying what style they would like the song sung in that would be different from the normal version.  So that's what Lucy decided to do.  The finale song was "Bitch" and she shouted out to the audience to suggest another style.  They came up with Bluegrass.  So the band broke into the number. And then Lucy asked for another style and they did a Blues version.  Below is Lucy doing the song country style during the dress rehearsal.  Lots more rehearsal footage and stories to come.  And thanks to all who made the trek to San Fran for a wonderful night!


9/21/08 -- LUCY ON CSI: MIAMI AND THE L WORD!  Read the new message from Lucy above.  She also gives us a first-hand view of what it's like to be the offspring of a person in the political arena.

Check out Lucy's message.  Lucy's asking for video submissions to use behind some of the songs she's going to be performing at her San Francisco concert Sept. 27.  The deadline for submissions is Sept. 15.  As you can see from Lucy's note, she's thinking of using them at this concert, but it isn't guaranteed.  She might use them at a later date.  If you have any questions, contact me at

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