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September 2011 Archives

9/13/11 -- Lucy has sent a message about a trust fund set up for Andy's wife and two children.  The information is above.

9/11/11 -- Andy Whitfield has lost his battle with cancer.  Lucy's message is posted above.  From the way everyone who knew and worked with him spoke of him, we've lost a warm, caring, talented soul.  My heart goes out to his family.

9/6/11 -- Check out the note above Lucy just sent about a Greenpeace petition against new offshore oil drilling in New Zealand.  You don't have to be a New Zealander to sign it.  Let's help keep oil out of the seas!  Whether you swim in them, make your living from them or, even more important, if the sea is your home, we need to protect them.

9/5/11 -- Feel the Love Day Pledge List Starting!

Feel the Love 2011!

Gads, is September flying by!  It's time for the sixth annual "Lucy Lawless Feel the Love Day" charity drive.  September 19th kicks off a week of charitable acts and contributions by Lucy fans all over the world.  Taking our love for all things Lucy and sharing it with those around us who are in need.

You can choose what you'd like to do, whether it is donating money or supplies to a charity, volunteering your time or services to a charitable organization, reading to a child, or helping out a neighbor, co-worker, or friend.  Any act of charity or kindness counts!

Anyone, anywhere can participate, regardless of how old (or young) you are, or where you live.  All you have to do is decide what charitable or kind act you would like to do during "Feel the Love" week (or at any time during September/October) and e-mail it with your name and location as you would like it to appear on the pledge list.  On October 3, Lucy will be presented with the pledge list of all the charitable acts being done in her honor.  To make sure your pledge gets recorded correctly please use the following format in your e-mail:

"In honor of Lucy Lawless Feel the Love Day, I will (insert your intended contribution), then put your name and location (city, state, country) as you want it to appear on the pledge list."

The subject of the email should be Feel the Love Day.

Here is the link to Starship Children's Hospital that allows you to make your donation in honor of Lucy for "Feel the Love Day" if that is what you choose to do.

Please email your pledges to

The deadline for submitting pledges is October 3.

Lucy’s so proud that her fans came up with this idea.  It’s something she’s talked about in many interviews.  I know she enjoys reading the pledge list.  Can’t wait to pass it along to her again this year.

9/3/11 -- Lucy's donation for Starship's Spring Clean auction of one of Lucretia's costumes is now online!

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