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                                        LUCY AT HOME AND AT PLAY
12/17/06 --
HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM LUCY -- click on image for QT video.

(click here for WMV version)

Happy Halloween from Lucy 2006
Pumpkin Carving #1 QT
Pumpkin Carving #1 WMV
Pumpkin Carving #2 QT
Pumpkin Carving #2 WMV
Pumpkin Carving #3 QT
Pumpkin Carving #3 WMV

10/29/06 -- Keeping in the Halloween spirit, here are some photos that Lucy and Daisy took of themselves backstage at Celebrity Duets.  They used a special function on the camera which made me think they were perfect for the upcoming Ghostly Eve.

10/28/06 -- It's the time for goblins and ghouls, witches and ghosts, candy corn and pumpkins!  Check out the videos over on the left to see a master with a carving knife hard at work on Halloween Eve.

8/22/06 -- Lucy had something to say about one of the Naked Eye Celebrity Camera photos she took.  Here's the image and her comment.

“My kids like to put raspberries on their fingers and call them mushrooms, eating them off their fingers. Naturally my fingers are too big for raspberries (though in Canada they do grow awfully large,) so I resorted to eating marshmallows one by one. Yes, I was doing it for the children! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

8/17/06 -- For those who have been peering at the wallpaper on Lucy's monitor, here's the photo.  It's Lucy and Daisy!  I looked at the monitor as Lucy was yelling at me about always saying, "Here she be."  Sure looked like that's what Lucy was saying about Daisy.  I pointedly pointed that out and got smacked upside the head.  Then Lucy, seeing the error of her ways and the rightness of mine, approved me putting up the photo.  Score one for the Red Baron!

8/15/06 -- Okay, some people are doubting my veracity that Lucy was really typing the above message.  Here's the proof -- sticky keyboard and all!  And tomorrow I'll pop up another photo with an interesting Battlestar Galactica image on the monitor for you to ponder.

8/13/06 -- This morning, we took the kids out for a bit of a frolic.  What do you get when you have kids, sunshine and empty tummys?  A mom with an oversized hat on her knee guarding the leftover carnitas while answering a phone call from . . . Renee!

3/14/06 -- I'm sitting home, behaving myself, sorting laundry and I decide to take a break and pick up my email.  I see a message with the subject, "Okay, what am I now?"  There's an attachment.  I open it to find this staring back at me.

While I'm peering into the balloons, another message arrives that says, "WHY A SHARK, OF COURSE!!"

Someone we know has waayyy too much time on her hands  <G>

3/12/06 -- Note from Lucy:  "Mummy, don't Go!!!  This is the night I went to Match Point premiere with Eric."

2/27/06 -- Meanwhile, Lucy's been rummaging through her camera.  It's similar to a jaunt through her head.  What was that movie?  Being John Malkovich?  Okay, here's Being Lucy Lawless in her own words.  (Disclaimer:  The Webmaster is not responsible for the illegal actions of the parties involved in this caper.)

"Tired of hearing Marissa's bleating about the mangled trees in her yard
that needed replacing, two of her best friends broke into her property and cut
 theblighters down.  The eagle eyes of the Neighborhood Watch called Security
and we were only let go after severe talking to by owners."

"Cajun Madness"

10/21/05 -- I made a post over on the yahoo group about a photo of Lucy, a leash and a pet.  Ya gotta love being the mother of boys!  And before I get flooded with emails, it's a gecko.  Here she be:

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