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9/5 -- Here's another Battlestar image Lucy just emailed me with the title "Glamour shot!"  Well, I guess it is for a Cylon.

8/27/06 -- In Vancouver filming Battlestar Galactica, Lucy ran into a couple familiar faces.  Here's one of them.

8/26/06 -- Here's another early-morning photo of Lucy filming Battlestar Galactica.  No, wait, it isn't morning, it's special effects time!  She also gave me her scripts and here are the titles of the ones she's in in order of the episode number written on the scripts.  I guess I know what I'll be reading when I'm not updating this website.

Just read Ron Moore's explanation that eps 1 and 2 have been combined into a two-hour season opener and "Exodus" has been made into two episodes.

Battlestar Galactica Episode List
1.  Occupation
2.  Precipice
3.  Exodus
4.  Collaborators
5.  Torn
6.  A Measure of Salvation
7.  Hero
8.  (not in)
9.  The Passage
10.  The Eye of Zeus
11.  Rapture

8/25/06 -- Actors spend a great deal of time in the makeup trailer and, as these are the first people they meet every morning -- in the wee hours of the morning as you'll see from an upcoming videoclip -- they are usually the first friends you make on set.  Even when you look like this:

8/24/06 -- Couple of Battlestar third season photos that were taken onset while Lucy was filming.

8/16/06 -- It's not midnight yet, but close enough to shake a stick at, so here's the promised Battlestar image on the monitor.  A camera, a cage and a body on the floor.  Let your imaginations run wild.  More to come!

8/2/06 -- Lucy's wandering around the hills of Canada on location with Battlestar Galactica, but she's got her trusty cell phone and sent back a photo for us.  Looks like Queen Lucy's rock castle in the background.

8/1/06 -- "Comic Con and Duets" -- Here's the promised videoclip of Lucy at the Sci Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica Party at Comic Con.  The "red carpet" was Sci Fi purple and lined with tv and print media as you can tell from the lineup of cameras and flashing bulbs.  Aaron Douglas was a cut-up at the panel and continued his playful ways at the party. 

click image for QT version
click here for Windows Media

Lucy has been having a wonderful time filming her ten Battlestar episodes which will start airing in October.  I'm loaded down with the dvds from the first two seasons and will be brushing up on the mythology of the show.  I'm also reading His Dark Materials to ask Lucy and the producers what part those books played in the genesis of the arc of Lucy's character.  The panel at Comic Con was a hoot and filled with tantalizing hints of what's in store for the next season.  Especially with Edward James Olmos exclaiming that the end of Season Two would be considered light compared to what's coming up.  I'm primed!

Lucy decided she and I should have a bit of a sitdown and chat up what had been going on this weekend and what was in store for the future.  We spotted an empty area with a canopy to keep the blistering sun off us that looked promising.  Heading over that way, we were stopped by a security guard who told us this area was being reserved for Stan Lee.  One smile from Lucy and a promise we wouldn't eat the canapes and he let us in.  (On the way out, we noticed the guard had been joined by a Sci Fi host who had obviously told him who Lucy was as he fell over himself with graciousness and amends that he had looked upon us as ne'er-do-wells who might damage the upholstery or abscond with the hotplate filled with delectable chicken tenders!)  After Lucy charmed her way into the Lee sanctuary, we parked our humidity-coated butts on the cushions and proceeded to chat. 

She thanked the fans for a wonderful year and then spilled the beans about Simon Cowell's upcoming FOX show, Duets, that would have professional singers partnering with celebrities outside of the music business to perform duets in front of a live studio audience to begin airing August 29.  As Lucy explains, the chance to sing with a music legend is just too exciting to pass up.  The lineup of mentors includes Cyndi Lauper, Smokey Robinson, Dionne Warwick, Randy Travis, Brian McKnight, Macy Gray, Patti LaBelle, Kenny Loggins, Chaka Khan, Richard Marx, Michael Bolton, Clint Black and Aaron Neville.  Lucy doesn't know yet who'll she'll be paired with.  I recorded a podcast about this with Lucy which I'll put up tomorrow.  And I'm sure there will be lots more info to come as the show starts airing.  I'm sure the Lucy/Xena fans will burn up the wires with votes!!

After our chat, Lucy joined her husband, Rob, David and Jenny Eick and the rest of the Battlestar gang in a raid upon the food tables.  Did I mention the food was delicious?  Well, that chicken certainly was.  I kept looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was counting how many times I went back to that particular hotplate.  Nope, there was no one with an abacus tailing me.  Safe again!

7/29/06 -- There was another guest at the Sci-Fi Channel party Saturday night -- Stan Lee.  He and Lucy and Rob had a bit of a chat.

photo: Aleida Santiago

7/23/06 -- Lucy at Comic Con July 21 - 22, 2006.  This photo was taken at the Battlestar Sci Fi party on Saturday night.

photo: Sharon Delaney

7/14/06 -- In her podcast, Lucy makes reference to a trilogy of young adult books that she had been reading when she was talking with the Battlestar Galactica producers about the show.  They're called His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass) by Phillip Pullman.  The amazon blurb says, "In the epic trilogy Philip Pullman unlocks the door to worlds parallel to our own. Demons and winged creatures live side by side with humans, and a mysterious entity called Dust just might have the power to unite the universes -- if it isn't destroyed first."  This discussion played a part in the return of the D'Anna Biers character.  Let's all hit the library, bookstores and amazon and get reading!

/06 -- Lucy's recorded her first podcast!  I talked with her Monday night and you can hear what she's been up to in Vancouver filming Battlestar Galactica.  This is the first time I've tried this.  It's an mpg4 file.  Sit back and enjoy.

/06 -- Watch a video of the TV Guide photo shoot on the Battlestar set -- Lucy comes in about 14 minutes into the 38 minute clip and is in and out from there on.  Thanks to Barbara for the heads-up.

/06 -- Lucy's Entertainment Weekly photo shoot with the Battlestar girls is in this week's June 30 issue.  Great pic!

5/16/06 -- Lucy's been texting me.  I told her everyone enjoyed the piccie and story of her and Ted and she wrote back,

"Tell them I hope Ren will come visit this summer, baby and all."

5/15/06 -- Talked with Lucy Sunday.  She's having a great time filming Battlestar.  Didn't give up an spoilers about the storyline.  She was on top of a mountain with her boys and Ted Raimi!  Have no idea what Ted was doing there.  But Lucy whipped out her cell phone and sent back the photo below.  Giggling, Lucy told me a story of something that had just happened:  "Ted and I were talking about whether or not we get recognized in public.  He said people come up to him all the time.  I told him hardly anyone recognizes me now.  A few minutes later, a man near us leaned over me and said to Ted, "Hey, seen Xena lately?"  Ted answered, "Not recently."  I was introduced as "this is a friend of mine from New Zealand."

4/27/06 -- Lucy's in Vancouver filming Battlestar Galactica and it looks like her cell phone photo thingy is working.  Just received a note and a couple piccies.

"On set in bc battlestar g happy days"

3/1/06 -- Lucy's been in the recording studio and we're going to have tidbits very soon.  But, first, she's doing a photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly tomorrow with Tricia and Grace from Battlestar Galactica.  Click on the image below to watch the Quicktime movie.  (wmv version)

10/29/05 -- BATTLESTAR GALACTICA -- the first episode is called "Downloaded."

10/27/05 --
Lucy was in Vancouver and she says it's become Hollywood North.  Wandering around her hotel she bumped into . . . Tim Omundson!  They headed off to the Picasso exhibit and some lunch.  She also ran into Tracy Morgan from Sat Nite Live.  It looks chilly up there!

9/20/05 -- "I'll be filming two more episodes of Battlestar Galactica.  Don't know yet when they're going to air.  Thought you'd like to be the first to know. -- Lucy"

9/18/05 -- "With love from Halifax.  The guys with me are Tony Plana of Officer & A Gentleman and Timothy Bottoms.  Both superb actors. -- Lucy"

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