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The Canal Room -- NYC
May 31, June 1 & 2, 2007

Roxy Rehearsals Part 8 (QT version)

(wmv version)

1/14/07 --

Opening Night Videoblog from Lucy

Wow! Thank-you guys so much for making my LIFE!!!!

That was so much fun.  I can't wait to do it again.  i don't want to lose any of the spontaneity but I hope I can fix some things that were lacking.  For example, i kept messing up the M. Etheridge song.  I know it so well!!  But, heck, live performance is always a gamble and you just have to flow with whatever happens.

i want to thank Sharon Delaney in particular, without whom this never would have come to pass.  She and i were sitting at my computer one day after Duets and I said, "I wanna do a show," and she jumped right on board.  Without her unconditional support the idea might have died there.  She gave it impetus and kept the momentum between my flames of fantasy.  Thanks a mil, Sharona.  It takes two you know.

In fact it takes a village.  I met some really phenomenal women thru Aleida Santiago, the Uber-fan.  Aleida is no longer with us, but the friendships continue.  Kelly D, Kit-Kat Crimins, Nora Manz and 
latterly, my assistant, Chalis, have been the life-blood that kept me laughing when everything was falling apart.

So with Sharon and the rest of the Creation Team we made a wonderful evening for our beloved fans.

Special note: Gary and Adam from Creation have been trying to get me to do a show for years and I was never ready to put my neck out there.  I thank you guys for still having faith in me and still being willing to take the risk that a show like mine could work out.  I have never had so much fun in my life!  The background singers also said this was the most fun gig they had ever experienced.

I love that the fans were so much a part of the show.
I bet not even Cher has fans of this caliber!
Love always,
Lucy Lawless

Roxy Rehearsals Part 7 (QT version)

(wmv version)

6/18/07 -- Many of you know our convention photo ops photographer, Chris Schmelke.  Here are some of his Lucy Canal Room concert photos.  You can find more photos on the Xena Fan Club page.

6/6/07 --  "Tell Mama" was the song that started Lucy on the concert trail.  She got to pick the song and sing in her key and style.  It was so liberating and exciting, when Celebrity Duets was over, she knew she had to get back on stage and sing again.  And we owe it all to this rockin' song by Etta James.  Check out a clip of Renee at the convention over on the Xena Fan Club page.  FYI, I'll put the wmv versions of these clips up when I come back from vacation next week.

(click on image for QT, wmv version)

6/5/07 -- "I'll Stand By You" has become the anthem of Lucy's appearances in concert before the Xena fans.  They've been there for her and she's there for them.  This night she dedicated the song to her daughter, Daisy.   

Opening night, the audience had a large contingency of the general public in attendance.  There was also a fair amount of guys.  I was watching for talkers, people not paying attention.  As I looked over the crowd, not one head was turned away from the stage.  Lucy was mesmerizing them.  Her stage presence is growing in leaps and bounds.  They couldn't look away.  Not to talk, take a sip of their drinks.  It was so satisfying.  She had them from the opening notes and never let go.  Check out "What'd I Say" over on the Xena Fan Club page.

(click on image for QT, wmv version)

6/3/07 -- Lucy had 18 songs in her set when she started the show on Thursday.  Closing night on Saturday brought another song into the fold, "Total Eclipse Of The Heart."  There was a half-hour run-through just before the doors opened on Saturday and this song came up.  Lucy sang it with Bonnie Tyler on Celebrity Duets and the fans have been dying to hear Lucy do the whole song herself.  The band had about 20 minutes to come up with an arrangement.  Lucy taped into her song memory -- I swear she knows the lyrics to every song written in the 80s and 90s!  With the lyrics taped to a monitor on the floor, Lucy gave the audience what they'd been waiting for.  And now you get a sneak peek.  Check out "Take My Breath Away" over on the Xena Fan Club page.

(click on image for QT, wmv version)

5/31/07 -- The liquid-metal catsuit came to life tonight at the Canal Room in New York City.  She slithered, scratched, clawed and tantalized the audience with an 18-song set that included the two clips below, "Shakey Ground" and "What's Up?"  It's going on 3am and I'm nodding off to the beat, eyes slowly closing.  Had to get these up for those that couldn't make it.  And there are two more over on the Xena Fan Club page.  God this woman is good!

(click on image for QT, wmv to come)

5/30/07 -- Lucy had a great time with Jim Breuer's gang and she's going to go back to the show on Friday, June 1, to judge a music competition between Jim and one of the guys on the show.  On the way out of the Sirius Radio offices, we passed a fishbowl-type studio with five guys sitting around a very large table with pizza boxes.  It turned out to be a show called "The Wiseguy" with Vincent Pastore, airing live.  They spotted Lucy walking down the corridor and one of the  production guys came running out and asked if she'd stop in and talk with them.  Lucy was up for it and I grabbed some footage.  (click image for QT file)

5/28/07 -- Lucy teleported back to the Mother Ship after dinner.  Photos by C. Vasquez and Jason Smith.  More pics on the Official Xena Fan Club page.



5/26/07 -- This was a song I'd never heard of, but loved the beat as Lucy and Michael began to swing into "Shakey Ground."  Again, there's another clip on the Official Xena Fan Club page -- "What's Love Got To Do With It?"  Can't believe how close we are to showtime!  I just know the New York crowd is going to raise the roof when Lucy takes the stage.  For those who haven't seen her concert live, they're going to be caught under the same spell that rocked the Roxy.  I get goosebumps just thinking about it.  More rehearsals in New York and I'll keep my camera handy to bring you the latest.

5/23/07 -- Lucy and Michael then wandered off to Merry Old England.  They were trying to remember Dusty Springfield's name, but could only come up with Lulu and "To Sir With Love."  Again, there's another clip on the Official Xena Fan Club page -- "River Deep, Mountain High."  If you wander around NYC, you may see this great B&W concert poster.  And if you got up really early this morning, and tomorrow, and watched Xena on Oxygen, you would have seen the TV commercial below (click image for QT version).

                                                 (wmv version)

5/22/07 -- Here come the rehearsal clips for the Canal Room!  This was the first time Lucy had sung these songs as she and Michael Orland, her musical director and arranger, came together to start working on the playlist.  First up is "Take Your Breath Away."  (click image for QT version)  You're going to see quite a mix of songs over the coming days.  Some made the cut, some didn't.  And from the sound of things, I think there will have to be more concerts so Lucy can sing all the songs she loves.  Check out the Official Xena Fan Club page for more clips and more songs.

(wmv version)

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