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Buddy Guy's Legends -- Chicago
  October 5 & 6, 2007

12/10/07 -- Here's a trailer for the Chicago concert DVD.

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(photo: Chris Schmelke)

12/4/07 -- Lucy's Chicago concert DVD is on sale over on the Creation site!  Couldn't resist showing you the menus for the DVD created by our editor Warner Young using photos taken by Chris Schmelke and Lida Verner.  And I had a great time working on the bonus footage.  Especially the first day of rehearsal with just Lucy, Joe LoDuca, Jason and the backup singers.  So intimate, so mellow, so smooth, so uninhibited.  It's a great peek behind the scenes.

10/11/07 -- When showtime finally rolled around Friday night, it was the greatest feeling to stand among the audience and just be carried along by their love and enthusiasm for Lucy.  Here's a taste of that closing night with Lucy doing "River Deep, Mountain High."

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10/5/07 -- Here's the second videoclip of Lucy rehearsing with the band.  The first is on the Official Xena Fan Club site.  It was a song I hadn't heard of, "I Smell A Rat." 

Gotta have a bit of Melissa Etheridge in a Lucy concert and she picked "Will You Still Love Me" for the Chicago concert.  Have a listen.  Over on the Xena Fan Club page you can hear Tuck and Patti's "Heaven Down Here."

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10/1/07 -- Lucy was rehearsing numbers for the Chicago concert with Daisy and Jason and I grabbed my camera.  Here's "Fooled Around and Fell In Love," sung through a modern-day dixie cup and string.  Check out the Xena Fan Club page for "River Deep, Mountain High."

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9/25/07 -- Here's a promo for Lucy's Chicago concert using footage from the Canal Room dvd.

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9/12/07 -- Lucy met with her vocal coach, Eric Vetro, to work on material for the Chicago concert at Buddy Guy's Legends. 

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