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"I will be at The Factory in West Hollywood on Friday, Nov. 11, 2005, singing a couple of songs and getting comfortable with performing in a new environment.  Come along if you can.  Not sure what time yet.  Stay posted.  If I can wrangle my arranger in time, I may even sing one of my own tunes.

11/21/05 --

(photo: Aleida Santiago)

Lucy at sound check at the Factory
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Now see how that piece of the song looked in performance
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The show was filmed and we hope to release it on dvd.  Lots of folks there with cameras.  We'd love to put fan pics up if you'd like to share them.  You can email them to me.  Lucy was absolutely amazing!  She owned that stage and that room and everyone in it!  Hope you were having as much fun as you all seemed to be having!(grin)  Thanks for coming.  As an audience, you rock!

10/19/05 -- Don't scroll down to this section too fast or you'll miss Lucy's announcement that she's going to be singing at The Factory on Nov. 11.  It's located at 652 N. La Peer Dr. in West Hollywood. (310-659-4551) (http://www.factorynightclub.com)  Hope some of you will be able to join us.  Sounds like a rollicking night!

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