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5/13/08 -- A note to Marissa:  You danced your way into our hearts.  Not just those of us who are plus-size and always being told what we can't do.  But also those of us afraid to step out of our comfort zone.  You loved this show and gave it your all.  You grew in grace and style and confidence.  Your joy is something I will always remember.


5/12/08 -- A rhumba and a quick step are the two dances Marissa and Tony did tonight.  Here's Lucy cheering her favorite dance team on.

   QT   WMV                                                       QT    WMV

4/28/08 -- Message from Lucy about Marissa on Dancing with the Stars tonight:

"My favourite dance is tonight! The rhumba." -- Lucy

4/23/08 -- Marissa absolutely soared doing a Viennese Waltz!  Two nines from the judges!!  And it kept her on the show another week!!!!  And Lucy was there cheering her on in her best Librarian mode, complete with glasses. 

4/7/08 -- MARISSA WOWED THE JUDGES!!!  What a fantastic routine.  Really challenged her and showed another side to our champ.  And Lucy was in the audience cheering her on.  We've got to keep her in the running!

QT           WMV

4/1/08 -- Lucy was at one of Marissa's rehearsals and took this photo.

3/26/08 -- Lucy visits with Marissa and Tony and whips out her trust iPhone!

3/25/08 -- I think I'm going to have to tape the results shows of Dancing cuz my heart stopped beating as Marissa was one of the last two standing as they announced the team that would be leaving.  But, the people spoke -- and we dialled our fingers off -- and she's saved!  On to dance another week!!!  You go, girl!  I'll bet Lucy's scream of joy registered on the Richter Scale!

3/19/20 -- Did you ever see so much joy on one person's face?  Marissa was having the time of her life and so was the audience.  I laughed, I cried, I cheered.  And, cheering her on from the front row, was Lucy.  I can't wait till next week!

QT           WMV

3/18/08 -- Lucy filmed her Battlestar bit on the David Letterman with the BSG cast and then flew a very, very red-eye home to be with Marissa for her debut on Dancing With the Stars. 

3/17/08 -- Quick message from Lucy about trying to make it back to LA for Marissa's first appearance on Dancing With the Stars:  "Tell the gang I am trying desperately to get back early from NY to make the taping.  Going off to Letterman now!"

3/15/08 -- Lucy's getting prepared to support her friend Marissa Jaret Winokur as her dream comes true to appear on Dancing With the Stars. 

10/14 -- It was a beautiful day for the Allure on Location benefit for Clothes Off Our Backs.  After it was over, I spent some time with Lucy talking about the aftereffects of being on Celebrity Duets.  It seems the experience left her with a burning desire to do more singing . . . soon . . . in LA . . . in January . . . during the Xena Convention Weekend!  Let's all cross our fingers that the planets line up and Lucy gets to hit the stage!  Have a listen to the QT version.  (wmv version)

9/29/06 -- This photo was taken at the Jerry's Deli wrap party after the show.  This is what Lucy won -- new, good friends, new confidence in herself, experiences that will give her a lifetime of memories.  Listen to her backstage video.  And thanks to everyone who went along on the ride.

9/28/06 -- You've all seen the show now . . . and voted your fingers off!  Here's Lucy's backstage video after the taping of tonight's show.  And a photo of Lucy and Bonnie after the show.

9/20/06 -- Lucy's been visiting Alek Adorian again!

9/12/06 -- As promised, here's the photo of the other dress Lucy may wear for the show.

9/11/06 -- Lucy tried on a few more gowns at Alek Adorian's store and it seems someone had a camera.  She sent me two photos saying they might make an appearance on the show.  She wrote, "I am chiefly going to be wearing Alek's designs.  He seems to know my body really well."  I think we all could agree with that assessment.  Here's the first one.  I'll put the other one up tomorrow.  And we also get to see the designer, Alek, with one of his favorite clients.

9/9/06 -- Lucy's flying high and we all get to go along on the ride!  She popped the blog above off to me today and said I have to put the photo of her and Kenny Loggins that was taken backstage up for everyone to see.  So here it is.  And the Wynonna Appreciation Society is mutual.  I ran into Wynonna backstage and she couldn't say enough good things about Lucy.  Maybe those two will get to sing together someday.  And my thanks to Wy and Bono for setting Stella free to soar!

9/1/06 -- Lucy is all a-bubble about Duets.  Here's Mama Rose getting Cinderella ready for the ball.

8/27/06 -- In Vancouver filming Battlestar Galactica, Lucy ran into a couple familiar faces.  Here's one of them.

7/29/06 -- There was another guest at the Sci-Fi Channel party Saturday night -- Stan Lee.  He and Lucy and Rob had a bit of a chat.

photo: Aleida Santiago

5/15/06 -- Talked with Lucy Sunday.  She's having a great time filming Battlestar.  Didn't give up an spoilers about the storyline.  She was on top of a mountain with her boys and Ted Raimi!  Have no idea what Ted was doing there.  But Lucy whipped out her cell phone and sent back the photo below.  Giggling, Lucy told me a story of something that had just happened:  "Ted and I were talking about whether or not we get recognized in public.  He said people come up to him all the time.  I told him hardly anyone recognizes me now.  A few minutes later, a man near us leaned over me and said to Ted, "Hey, seen Xena lately?"  Ted answered, "Not recently."  I was introduced as "this is a friend of mine from New Zealand."

10/21/05 -- I made a post over on the yahoo group about a photo of Lucy, a leash and a pet.  Ya gotta love being the mother of boys!  And before I get flooded with emails, it's a gecko.  Here she be:

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