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A peek at the outfit Lucy's going to wear --
like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle with no photo to guide you

Countdown to Lucy's Auckland Concert May 27
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I want to party with people who celebrate life.  I reckon we are all so busy doing good, our kids, jobs, pets, friends, charities etc.  Sometimes a girl needs to bust out.  I know the women in my community are bugging to break out.  This is their chance to rediscover their inner wild child.  I go out in LA and all the young people are cultivating their jadedness.  It looks so effortful.  They'd be cooler people if they didn't worry so much what others think about them.  Fortunately we don't have that problem.

When I get together with fans, it's a judgement-free zone.  There's a lot of love in the room and we know how to cut loose.  It's the most fun you can have without getting arrested.  (Which I'm duty bound to say is no fun at all.)  Anyhoo, I invite all my good friends (This means You!) to come join the party.

I am thrilled to have two mighty Amazons of NZ music royalty come out to play.  Anika Moa and Julia Deans are joining me, Joe LoDuca, Ben Jurisich, Scott Wotherspoon & Jason Sonic Smith (aka. Eurostalker).  Julia and Anika are two f-u goddesses who blew my tiny mind when they said they wanted to play my show.  So basically, this is a kick-ass rock band.  I am totally in love with them.

I've made it R18 because it's in a pub and I hate seeing kids at my shows.  You never know what's going to come out of our mouths.  Adult themes, definitely.

You were warned.

Big Love,

5/27/12 NZ time! -- Popped the last surprise up in the May 27 box.  Whew, just made it!

5/26/12 -- Just filled the May 26 box.  And, as it finally registered with me that it's already May 27 in New Zealand!, I'm working on another piece and will get it up asap in the May 27 box.  On to the concert!

5/25/12 -- Back to Lucy's Chicago concert and the rehearsal of "River Deep Mountain High."  High-powered rock in action in the May 25 box!

And Lucy did three more radio interviews today:
George FM with Nick D
Newstalk ZB with Andrew Dickens -- airing Sunday
More FM with Nicki Sunderland

5/24/12 -- Lucy whipped out her phone again and sent up a vid of the band rehearsing.  I popped it into the May 24 box.  Have a look.

5/23/12 -- Dug back into rehearsals for the NYC Canal concert for the May 23 box.  This photo was taken at Michael Orland's rehearsal studio.

5/21/12 -- Just finished uploading the May 21 surprise and decided to check my email before heading off to bed.  And there was a message from Lucy with a video of herself, Scott Wotherspoon and the return of the ukelele.  Concert rehearsals have begun!  So I popped her vid into the May 22 box.  Double the fun for you!

5/21/12 -- May 21 box and onwards to the band rehearsal for Lucy's Chicago concert in 2007.  Let it whip!

5/20/12 -- May 20 box ready for viewing!

5/19/12 -- There's some heavy rocking going on in the box for May 19!  Check it out.

5/17/12 -- The little box for May 18 is horsing around during rehearsal time in London.  Have a peek.

5/16/12 -- Surprise added to May 17 Auckland concert countdown calendar.  Enjoy!

5/15/12 -- Thought I'd bring a bit of Lucy's earlier concerts into the fun of waiting for the one coming up at the King's Arms in Auckland on May 27 by making an countdown calendar with boxes of surprises to be opened each day.  So click on the dates above as they happen and see what's inside.  Have fun!

5/1/12 -- Lucy's doing a concert in Auckland New Zealand on May 27 at the King's Arms!  She just popped over a blog (see above) with all the pertinent info -- who, who not, why.  Leave it to our resident wild child to prep us for another raise-the-roof night of music and mayhem!

Book in the date, May 27. KingsArms, Auckland. 8pm. Tix avail from It's gonna be wicked!
Got some fierce NZ amazons on stage with us. Anika Moa and Julia Deans (Fur Patrol)!
If I go off the rails, I want you all beside me. Big fun. Great abandon. Hooray for everything!

It was very nice of you all to think I'm a role model but I am about to go off the rails.
Gratuitous, dirty Rock. Don't try this at home.
Give me a theme for a gratuitous rock show in Auckland? "All Bad Girls Go To Heaven"?
Joe Lo Duca's coming to town and we want to party

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