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"When Doves Cry" QT
"When Doves Cry" WMV

  Carling Academy Islington-- London
  May 3 & 4, 2008

6/19/08 -- Here is the first of a series of clips of the dress rehearsal of Lucy's London concert.


5/21/08 -- New message from Lucy with heaps of thanks for the great time we all had at the London concerts. 

5/5/08 -- Lucy was texting me and I didn't know it so above are two new messages.  One about the concert -- which hadn't happened yet.  And one about Marissa on Dancing.  The concert, if you haven't heard from those who were there yet, was the best!!  Best band, best club, best sound and lights -- oh, yeah, and Lucy's performance.  Just a tad . . . spectacular!!!  We were breathless when it was over.  People were standing around in shock.  Fourteen songs, only two of which we had heard her do before.  I just don't know how she puts these shows together with so little time.  By the end of Sunday's show, the audience was so loud the performers were holding their ears and falling over laughing at the hysteria they were creating <G>  And then there was Lucy's pants or, should I say, the lack thereof.  I heard the photos were winging their way around the world before the clock chimed midnight.  After the Sunday show when the audience had gone home and the set was struck, Lucy said, "Take my picture, take my picture!"  So I did.

4/23/08 -- You may have noticed the new message from Lucy about the content of the upcoming London concert.  I think the people sitting down at the show are going to be glued to their seats and the standees are going to be passing out all over the floor!  What a ride this is going to be  <G>

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