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Birth of the Silhouette Shirt

Lucy grabbed her pencil and began designing another shirt.

She had some images from a fashion photo shoot with Darrell Redleaf that intrigued her.

She popped over to my office just as Warner, one of our artists, came back from work.  They sat down at his computer and she described what she was going for.  He scanned some of the images and we began to play with them.

Lucy wanted to do something with light and shadow.  Warner showed her a variety of filters over the photo she had chosen as the one she liked the best.  At one point, to make a blank slate for us to play with, he put the cursor around the image we were looking at and hit a button and a silhouette appeared.  We all stopped and stared at the screen.  It was so cool! 

Then Lucy explained to Warner about the rest of the logo.  Here, you can listen yourself.  (click image to view QT version)  (click here to view Windows Media version)

This gave rise to two camps -- those that went for the humour of the play on Lucy's full name:

And those that wanted the glamour version:

Lucy, Warner and I couldn't make up our minds.  We asked others in the art department.  We went around the office showing both logos to everyone we could find.  I got out a pad and began marking down the votes.  I took printouts of both home for Christmas and showed them to all our holiday guests.  It came out a dead draw.  So we divided the shirt order in half and we're going to make both of them.  Let's see what you think  (grin) 

You heard Lucy talking about experimenting with the shirt styles.  We decided two offer two kinds, both in black -- classic and a more form-fitting style.  Both are for adults.  No more junior and girl sizes like last time!  I'll see if I can't get Lucy to model them again and, perhaps, pop in a few messages on the hems of a few of them.  And I'll make sure she signs a sample of all the sizes.

So there you have it, the birth of a shirt.  We'll have them in time for the convention and then I'll put it up on the shopping cart.

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