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2007 Messages from Lucy

It's been a while since I wrote.  I've been undergoing a winter transformation, I guess.  A lot has changed.  I read my last blog after the Chicago show and noted my expectation that my next show would be heavily influenced by the Chicago groove.  But I was mistaken.  That was perfect unto itself.

But something has twisted around in me and I feel the need to do something really grassroots.  I cannot outdo the other shows for their size and complexity, the horns, the voices, the rocked-out showbiz-iness of it all.  I am doing a 180-degree turn.  This will be the antithesis of what you may have been expecting.  There is going to be more talk, more conversation, Tig will be back and my back-up singers will be my oldest friends.  It will feel more like Jerry Springer crashed the Bing Crosby Christmas special.  I want it to be truly intimate, but, knowing me and my awful best friends, it can't help be a little kooked.  I will spend the next six weeks thinking of ways to surprise you.  It doesn't help that at least 300 of you bought up two nights in a row.  Now I have to shake up the shows so you don't get two of the same.  Maybe one night Tig does her new material and the next night she and I have duellng interview questions, "Tig, is it true that you're a Big-ass lesbo?"  "Who are you calling Big-ass?"  I can only imagine what she'll ask me.

So if you're looking for a slick Rock/R&B/Blues set, this is not the show for you.

If you are looking to come to my post-Christmas Christmas party, c'mon over!

See you at the Roxy, Babies!

I am back to work on the spaceship, BSG, after a year away.  I can't believe it's been that long.  I finished there right before Celebrity Duets in Nov '06 and, boy, what an action packed transformative year it's been.

Michael Rymer, one of the Exec Producers and stellar directors, was remembering how he had advised me not to do it but now has become a supporter.  He is a cool guy and one of my all-time favourite directors.  He is one of BSG's most influential forces and has gone a long way to helping make it the break-out hit that it is.  He is also the least recognised.  There's a lot of credit to go round on a great show like that.  I hope he gets all the good things coming to him that he deserves.

Chicago was the high point of my concert life thus far.  The band was remarkable and with Joe Lo Duca, they really helped take me to places I could never have otherwise gone.  I'm not sure what the shape of my second Roxy show will be next January, but it cannot help but be influenced by the Buddy Guy's experience.  I actually got to meet the great man himself.  He sat in on both shows and made me promise to come back and visit anytime.  I certainly will.

What I loved about the musicians in Chicago is that playing seems to be more of a religion than a job.  They play because they can't help it and even if they are not on a paying gig, what are they out doing?  Jamming with their friends, that's what.

I was away in Vancouver when Curb Your Enthusiasm aired.  There was some confusion about the air dates (perhaps you noticed), so I didn't hear about it till the day after.  I got a heap of emails.  I saw it some days later and was surprised how small my role had gotten.  I thought it was all about ME, ME, ME!!  I may be kidding myself, but despite the dearth of ME, it was a really terrific episode, maybe the best ever.  So much was going on.  Cheryl and the plane, Cheryl leaves Larry, the Blacks, the restaurant drama, Larry's long balls, Ted Danson.  So much to see, so little time.  And Larry was on fire that episode.  I was okay but the episode was amazing!!

Most of all, I loved hanging with you all in Chicago.  Together with the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, we raised $10,000 for United Way, which runs community outreach projects in underpriviledged Chicago.  I am so proud of you all.  Plus, my brother-in-law, Randy, who works at the hospital, tells me that there is a bank that will match us dollar for dollar.  So hooray for everything.  I think United Way were very pleasantly surprised.

I want to thank all the gang at Creation who made it all possible and to Chris, the photographer, for helping the photo ops all run so smoothly.

I'm tossing round names for the Roxy show.  Write your suggestions down on the noticeboard.
Up and at 'em!

P.S.  Also, I have finally had to relinquish two costumes to the Iyengar Institute as I promised so long ago.  This means I will have to get new chaps made for the Roxy show.  Also I gave them the pink go-go dress and the sparkly tooth-shaped necklace that I wore at the Roxy and the Canal room.  The chaps are a bit groady, having been worn so much.  They are sewn on to the jeans.  No doubt there is DNA on them, which, frankly, is a minus in my book, but it's out of my hands.  I'll let you know when they go up on ebay.

Message given to me over the phone from Lucy:  "If you're reading this Tuesday night, I'm cowering under my seat in a movie theatre at the premiere of my husband's new film, 30 Days of Night.  Me, who was raised on vampire movies, found even the trailer so scary, I was watching it from between my fingers.  As soon as I can crawl out from under this seat, I'll be posting a blog about Chicago."

Thank you all for continuing the phenomenon of “Feel The Love” Week.  Gee, does two years make it a tradition?!
You are the greatest fans anyone ever had.  I love that you are going out into your own communities and enriching the lives of people who are unable to help themselves.  You are sharing your health and vitality, your hard-earned bucks and your skills to make our world a better place.  Your offerings to the Greater Good are really inspiring.  I am always tremendously touched when I read your letters.  You make me feel that I have been part of something really worthwhile.
Blessings on your houses,
Love always,

Hi guys!
This is an announcement from the family and friends of Aleida Santiago who passed away last year. I just want to authenticate the sale and the signatures attached. Aleida had collected more Xena stuff than anyone, including myself.

I think about her often and know that she lived a rich and brilliant life. She always worked to improve the lives of the underpriviledged and to bring about justice.

Her partner Grace and her beloved friends continue her work and this sale is testament to that. Renee and I never asked that she support our causes, in fact we felt it was important that the money they raise go into causes that reflect Aleida's life and work in the community.

Bless you, Aleida and Grace. The world is a better place for your having been here.

Last October the Xenaverse lost one of its biggest champions, Aleida Santiago and in her memory starting on September 16th, her extensive Xena collection will be going up on Ebay. Aleida was not only a huge supporter of the show but of Lucy and Renee's charities as well.  Grace, her surviving partner, would like to honor Aleida's memory by donating a large portion of the profits from this auction to Lucy's charity The Trevor Project and a charity of Renee's choice. Aleida was a passionate collector of all things Xena/Lucy/Renee and through the years acquired an impressive collection, from costumes, to props, to trading cards, to photos and much more. For example Xena leathers, Lucy's stunt riding boot, props used on set and signed by Lucy & Renee such as swords, a sai, the actual Ring from the Valkyrie Trilogy, entire sets of trading cards, and hundreds of photos including some from the Photo Club. These items can be found on Ebay under the seller name Cuban40, new items will go up every Sunday and the auction will continue until everything has found a home.
Grace and Aleida's Crew.

I am CONSUMED with prepping the Chicago show.  Obviously, we want to rock the house, but my main concern is that this be a meaningful “conversation” with the audience.  Joe Lo Duca, my old friend and genius composer behind Xena, Herc and a hundred other soundtracks, has a unique appreciation of my audience.  After all, the Xena fans were his audience, too.  He has put together a band of fantastic Chicago R&B musos.  We are mixing in a little funk to get the room thrumming.

On the whole, I have chosen songs that reflect how I feel about my fans and being alive in general.  I want to give you the funnest night of your life.  That said, there is a quieter section in the middle where I pay homage to one of the most life-altering spirits I ever encountered.  (She was not a fan.)  We met in devastating circumstances and her passing touched me deeply and propelled me along a course of looking after the little guy.  One song in particular represents the redemption I felt I desperately needed.  Redemption for me, for her, and for the way I saw the whole damn human race.  Some stories can only be told in song.

As usual, I went to NZ, had a great time, did no exercise, ate biscuits (cookies) and turned into a donut.  It's weird to admit it, but it kind of made me happy!  I am digging being a fat bastard.

Unfortunately, I will not get through a Lucy show if I don't shape up quick-smart.


Hi there from sunny New Zealand!  First off, I'd like to apologise if anyone was insulted by the array of boobage in the last few video blogs.  It was entirely uncalled for and I won't let it happen again.
(Unless you ask really really nicely.)

Actually, it's raining cats and dogs outside.  I am enjoying a stint in lovely Wellington.  We are checking out Weta Studios where quite a few of my old friends from Xena are now working.  I have been incredibly busy travelling back and forth across America --LA/Miami/San Diego/ Michigan/San Fran/ then to NZ.  As usual I'm a wreck when I get here.  But two weeks of family, biscuits and cups of tea usually set me right.

Miami was ridiculously good fun.  Bruce Campbell got me a wonderful gig on his new show, Burn Notice.  It stars Jeffrey Donovan who is knockout in this role.  Very sexy and idiosyncratic as a spy who has been given the cold shoulder by his own agency.  It's kind of the next generation of Miami Vice and it's wonderful!  USA Network, Thursday nights.  My episode, “False Flag” is on Sept. 13.  Thanks Bruce for the most fun I've had in ages.

I am turning my mind to the Chicago show.  It will be different to the other show I've done.  I am collaborating with Joe Lo Duca who was the genius behind the music of Xena all those years.  We had talked about doing something together for ages and now I think I am strong enough to front up with Joe, whom I have loved and admired so many years.  It's going to have a Chicago feel.  Put in your vote if there are any songs you all feel I simply must include and we'll take it into consideration, though each song has to fit within a whole.

I just got an interesting call to go to Florida to play with my old pal, Bruce-Old-Spice-Campbell on his new show, Burn Notice.  It's getting great notices and plays on the USA cable channel.

I am playing a fragile woman who has lost her child to my maniac ex-husband.  She enlists ex-spy, Michael, to track down her child.  The outcome is, let us say . . . “mixed.”

It's really nice to get the chance to play women on the edge.  I have played burnt-out, fragile women before.  It is much harder than playing tough.  I love it.

The downer is that I am going to miss The Simpsons premiere.  Better late than never on a movie, eh?  I love that shot in the trailer where Homer is dragging the pig across the ceiling.  Hilarious.  As for the series, I don't know how they have managed to keep the quality of writing at that level all these years.  Groening and his team are geniuses.

I should get done with Burn Notice just in time to get myself to Comicon for the TV Guide Panel on Sunday morning.  Should be fun.  I am excited to meet the other women on the stage, especially Allison DuBois, who was the real-life inspiration for Medium.  That will be fascinating.

Have you done anything scary lately?  I hear the pay-off is awesome!
Lots o' love,

P.S.  I have gotten word that the Iyengar Institute is losing its lease at their LA location and they are madly fundraising to get a new home.  B.K.S. Iyengar is one of the greatest teachers of yoga living today (and some would say ever!).  Iyengar yoga has been my salvation after years of poor posture and a fractured pelvis that I feel could not have been fully rehabilitated without Mr. Iyengar's teachings.  I am going to put up a couple of my costumes for a silent auction.  What do you think if I auction off my chaps and my silver space suit?

All proceeds will go to the Institute with gratitude.  Watch this space.
Love & Peace,

Greetings, Earthlings!

I am making antennae and sewing a wig for tomorrow night. I have written a very silly speech for my contribution to the HRC's San Francisco Gala tomorrow night. The focus of the evening is getting the laws altered so that companies may no longer discriminate against workers based on their sexual orientation, gender identity. Most large companies already have this in their company doctrine /mission statement but in 30 states, technically, a person can still be fired for being gay or transgendered, even if they are stellar workers. Of course this doesn't apply to religious organisations, nor even to companies of ten people or less, since even a frivilous lawsuit could wipe-out the livlihoods of those ten people. But it doesn't seem too much to ask that the law actually reflects blind justice.

In any case, I have taken it upon myself to be the comic relief. With many human rights luminaries speaking, how else could I hope to have any authority? Elizabeth Edwards is a keynote speaker and Leonard Nimoy is introducing George Takei who is receiving the Equality Award.
Gotta go to bed.
running . . . out . . . of juice.
L u


Wow!  Thanks, gang for an unforgettable experience in NYC!  I learned so much and boy, did the show evolve from one night to the next.  I learned so much about showmanship and producing, etc.  Michael Orland, my Musical Director, was fantastic, as was all the band.  Sharlotte Gibson cut loose singing, “When Billy Comes Home" again.  Her mother, Harriet, was there, too.  I love that woman!  We picked up some new musicians in NY -- lead guitar, Oscar Bautista, Dan-the-Animal Gross (drums) and Stephanie Alexander (backing vocals).  And they were spectacular!  New Yorkers have great chops and great attitudes.  Thank-you guys!

From my Roxy gig, you might have recognised, Frogs on Bass, Ralph Smith on Keys and two special performers, Tig Notaro and Renee O'Connor!!

Renee has never looked more gorgeous!  She shook her booty to “What'd I Say” in a red go-go dress, AND THE CROWD WENT WILD!!!  Tig riffed on a balloon in search of new material.  She truly loves 
working for my audience.  She finds you all so fun to be with.  And don't we love her?!

I am working on a one-woman show which involves music and memories of my crazy life.  It's going to take years to put it together so don't hold your breath, but now that I've typed it out loud, it must be true.  I'm committed.

Gary and Adam from Creation are trying to get me to do more shows.  I am trying to figure out how to get the ticket price down so that more people can come.  See, if I have a smaller band, or just me and a pianist, it needs to be a more intimate environment.  I think we just have to be stationed somewhere for a longer run.  Anyway, we'll figure it out.

I hope you enjoy some of the photos that will be up shortly.  These are just for starters, but we have thousands still to sift through.

I am psyched to tell you that Tig Notaro will be opening my show in NY.  She is an old friend from way back who worked for Rob and was sometimes given the task of chaperoning our 10 year old around LA.  Tig took her on many inappropriately mad-cap adventures and taught her the gentle art of feigning complete mental retardation and unprovoked attacks on Joe Normal.  Despite this, Tig is now a stand-up comic of some note and my daughter is chaperoning her around NYC.  Tig, you rock!

I am going to be doing some radio shows in NY with Dee Snider and Jim Breuer on different nights.  I will keep you apprised of dates.

I am looking at some interesting job opportunities for later in the year.  I may forsake tv to go back on the stage.  Also was sent a fascinating script that is everything Football Wives couldn't be.  Dirty business, sport.  Plus, now I've got my dander up.  Hmmmmm...

So 'Footy Wives' died a horrible death on the operating table.  As late as Friday morning it was on the slate as the 10pm follow up to Grey's Anatomy, then it had a sudden and fatal myocardial infarction and it was all over.  One conspiracy theorist suggested that ABC and ESPN are owned by the same people and so our portrayal of some players and their wives as wretched Ho's engaged in drug-fuelled skulduggery was incompatible with life.  Bummer.  Sounds like a surefire hit to me.

I've realised that acting is really for people who don't know how to do anything else.  I swear to God, if I had a career option, I'd have taken it long ago.

So now I'm really thinking about what I'm going to do next.  NY is a go-go.  Then I have no idea what I will do next.  I kind of like that.  Up and at 'em!

Hi, all!

I have been in a long dark tunnel.  I really allowed myself to get drowned by world politics, the war in Iraq and our head-in-the-sand attitude to the health of Mother Earth.  I have to say your birthday card and the Celebrate Lucy Birthday list, with all the kindnesses you fans have laid out upon our table, was a turning point for me.  I want to thank you all for your incredible generosity.  You guys had me bawling at my computer!  How's that for cheering me up?  I even recognise some of the names and was so pleased to find that I have such incredible fans spread right across the world, from Brazil, to England, to Aussie.  God bless each and every one of you.  It really doesn't do any good carrying the weight of the world on you like so many wet mattresses.  I loved that your compassion was accompanied by joy!  I totally forgot "Spread More Joy!"  Didn't I used to say that all the time?  I totally forgot.

I am planning to spend 5 minutes at 1pm each day meditating on the planet as we desire it to be.  You know, with plenty of clean water for all, pure foods responsibly consumed, ice-caps reformng, happy safe and loved children, reforestation, no-impact energy sources.  Join me, anytime you can make it or choose five minutes at any convenient time of day.  Every new reality starts with a shift in consciousness so let's make it a good one!  I'm not going to accept the fear-mongerers (I call them the Negatives) into my life ever again.  If someone/something is not life-affirming, then they don't get in.
Note to self: get Teflon Raincoat for the Negs.

I am gearing up to do three shows in NY at the end of the month.  It is scary and wonderful and I am flying by the set of my pants again.  Every time I do this, I think, “Dang, there's my big mouth getting me in trouble again!”  I'm always on some high when I come up with the idea and then at some point reality bites and you have to "Screw Your Courage to the Sticking Place,” to quote a really tough-ass woman, "Then we'll not fail."  Okay, who was that?

Michael Orland from Idol is my Musical Director this time.  He was supposed to do my last show but was booked that week in Atlanta.  We are choosing songs.  Some I will lose from the Roxy set, so get your orders in now if you want to vote on fave songs to keep.  I am making sure that my act works well in the Canal Room.  Every space has its own demands and constraints.

I am having a crazy catsuit made which makes me look like I am made out of liquid metal -- kind of like those guys in Terminator as they morph from one world to another.

Frankly, what I do is daft.  But, boy, what you guys do with it is meaningful.

Thanks, Gang.
See you in the Big Apple!!

I am nearly done on FW.  I spend a night in a swamp up to my armpits in wickedness, then go to Palm Springs and act like a nun.  A NUN, I tell you!  You know how I love golf, well, all sports, really, and the Dinah Shore Open draws me like a magnet.  That's a joke, son, a joke.  I am not a sports fan, just a humble *ROCKSTAR*  I am singing at the Grrrrl Bar event on Friday.  Midnight, actually, which I guess is technically Saturday.  I am trying out new material for my NY shows in late May, early June.

In response to the wishes of my fans, I will be singing “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles and two other rock songs.  Naturally one of those will have to be a Melissa Etheridge song, cos life without Melissa is no fun at all.  I won't have my band with me, but have some hot dancers behind me ensuring maximum joy for the audience. I can't wait!

See you there!

Stop me if you've heard this before but: "This is the funnest gig I've ever had!"

I know I said it with Xena, Battlestar, Duets, Curb Your Enthusiasm and the Roxy, but this Football Wives is my new, favorite thing!  They have all been perfect working experiences in their own way and each has led to the next.  I am just so thrilled to be working with this amazing director (Bryan Singer) and cast.  I really dig working with Bryan, what a pleasure.  I will be forever grateful to Marco Pennette for kicking my arse into gear.  Thank God that ABC had the foresight to pick up on this sensational British series.  We are all hoping to make good on its promise so that the network will see fit to take it to series.  It's a big one.  A show like this can't be cheap to produce so we really have to make it worth their while.  I have been avoiding watching the original series until recently.  I was afraid that I would not be able to make the character my own if I hooked into Zoe Lucker's brilliant portrayal of Tanya.  In fact, after I got the job, I realised that the role was waaaay more complex than 
it first appeared.  I realised I didn't have all the building blocks within me to bring her to life, ie. I didn't truly understand what makes a woman like her tick.  For god's sake, if you behaved like Tanya Austin in New Zealand, you'd be voted off the island in a second.  I actually went and talked to a shrink about the kind of 
personality that would allow behaviour of the most venal, avaricious kind.  He was most helpful.  She's starting to flesh out with a little help from my friends.  Honest to God, I'll steal a good idea from anywhere.

Everybody on this show is bloody gorgeous!  You should see the guy who's playing my husband, Eddie Cibrian.  Holy cow.  They've even managed to scrub me up.  My fans will not recognise me.  The glam squad has made me so darn swanky that I hardly recognise myself.  Thanks, guys.

Had a rockin' scene with Ving Rhames yesterday.  Could life get any better than this?

And really, the best thing about working on Footy Wives is the chance to work with Mark Ovitz, who will never see this, but 

And I'm not just saying that.

I am off working on Ted Raimi's internet pilot this morning.  I am playing an executive with a nasty problem to solve that involves polaroids going to the wrong recipient.

Ted's brother, Ivan, is an ER doctor and would regale us with the tales people tell to excuse the curtain rod stuck in  their bottom.  Or the jam jar or whatever.

I was thinking we could incorporate some of those crazy stories.  I always needed a strong director to stop me going too far.  Over to you, Ted.

We'll see what falls off the back of the truck, eh?

Then my prep for Football Wives really begins in the afternoon.
I'm going under . . .
Glub, glub . . .

I never told you guys about Curb Your Enthusiasm!

I worked most of last week on it.  That Larry David is something else!  I'm kind of in love with him.  I gave him one of those Xena Hallmark cards on the first day which said, "Welcome to the Lucy Lawless experience."  He thought I was nuts.  Now he knows it.

We had a lot of laughs.  I had worked with Dave Mandel, Alec Berg and Jeff Schaffer on Eurotrip after they saw me on Saturday Night Live.  They have provided the perfect work environment.  It is the closest I have ever come to the Xena set.  It's a bunch of fun people doing what they love and answering to no one.  Larry is the final arbiter and he was a joy to be around.

He likes to keep you on your toes.  At one point my character is supposed to be pitching him an idea for a show and he was off set nutting out the scene.  “What could this show be about?" he muttered.  "Well, how about a singng and dancing show, coz, y'know, that's where I'm heading," I replied.  "Oh, yeah, good," says Larry.  So they roll tape and we enter the scene, "Hey, you know that singing and dancing idea?  Lose it.  It ain't funny."

A lot of actors are creeped out by improv, but I LOVE it.  There's no telling what that guy is going to say next.  So you have to be really listening, which is the basis for all acting, right?

Anyway, that was the perfect experience.

Then Rob and I flew to NYC to see the Evil Dead musical.  It was fantastic and the cast so talented!  It is about to close soon so get along and see it if you are nearby.  It showed me once again how much talent there is to be found outside Hollywood.  Amazing performers getting paid relatively little but doing stupendous work on and off Broadway.  It's not that they don't get paid a lot, but the cost of living is so high in NY that $1000 a week doesn't get you far. NB. I have no idea what those actors are getting paid, I'm just using  a figure off the top of my head.  I remember all those hungry Grease actors eating my left-overs.  I doubt things have improved much in that regard.

Also I am in a rigorous training schedule for Football Wives.  Mama Rose has signed me up for ballet!  Believe it or not, she has.  And my calves are killing me!  I am also working with a trainer.  I can't believe it myself.

Funny that the week my youngest child gets accepted into school, this job moves into my life like a freight train.

Next week I am supposed to be doing “chemistry reads” to find the right guy to play my husband.

My colleagues so far are Gabrielle Union and newly cast Kellie Sanchez, who I hear are wonderful women so I'm looking forward to meeting them.

Onwards and Upwards!

Okay, I am now working on a show. I fought it.

I have been wary of signing on to a show for years.  My kids were too little, the workload too demanding, whatever.

So last week in pure frustration I wrote to my agent, "How come I can't get arrested?"

Consider me arrested.

I am playing a lead role in a new ABC show called Footballers' Wives.  I heard about it weeks ago but refused to go in on it because A) I don't like football and B) I don't play “wives”!

Never say never, eh?  For the past couple of months I was having to hang up on Marissa and Eric who were desperate for me to do it.  "She's an I-D-I-O-T!!!" they bitched behind my back.

Their other best friend, Marco Penette, the show's producer, and Mike McDonald, show executive and Rob's colleague from Herc and Xena, days both rang me and demanded I come in and at least try the role on for size.  I did and I guess it fit pretty good because five minutes after leaving the Network, I had the job.  I hadn't even fired up up the P-Bird in the parking lot.

Now Marissa is doing a little jig and they are trying to find the right guy to play my husband.  Someone big, stoopid and vulnerable, please!

I am a little bewildered as to how this all came about.  It has dropped out of the sky on me with all the subtlety of a falling refrigerator.

Oh, well.  Clearly, I am not in control of this bus.  Just riding it to the end.
We'll see what happens.

You know, I am so grateful that my family is in good shape and we have a roof over our heads BUT . . . may I bleat for a moment?  I have to tell you, my life isn't all fabulous.  (Just in case you thought there was some mythical life other people were having that you are missing out on.)

Last week, due to my own stupidity, I failed to show for a “casual read-thru” of a movie script, which turned out to be a massively important studio deal.  I had read the call-time wrong and was heading across town -- scooby-dooby-doo -- thinking I was 50 minutes early and got a frantic call saying, “Where the hell are you? You're 50 minutes late!!"  I was so discombobulated that I could not recover.  I screwed up important jokes, making myself seem like an amateur.  I was out of step with the rest of the cast who were all phenomenal.  The role was such a no-brainer for me that really, it should not have been possible for me to fail.  The producer was most cold to me afterwards. 

I shamed myself in the worst way.  My agents, who used to tear their hair out about me, now just shrug.  That Lucy, she's just freaky.  I turn down scripts that are sure bets.  (For good reasons in my mind.)  But I confound them with the things I DO want to do.  On the other hand I was so bitterly disappointed with myself that the next project I went in on, I took the prep really, really seriously and managed to salvage some self-respect.  It doesn't mean you get the job, but you have to feel you are capable of doing good work, otherwise you'd leave, wouldn't you At least, I would.

Cat Crimins sent me a card saying: ". . . whether it is clear to you or not, doubtless, the universe is unfolding as it should."  It has always been my experience that this is true.   It's just that right now I ain't feeling it.

You know in the time that it took me to proofread this, I got over it.  I'm bored with my own whining.
Gee, sorry about that.
Thanks for letting me unload.

Wow! Thank-you guys so much for making my LIFE!!!!

That was so much fun.  I can't wait to do it again.  i don't want to lose any of the spontaneity but I hope I can fix some things that were lacking.  For example, i kept messing up the M. Etheridge song.  I know it so well!!  But, heck, live performance is always a gamble and you just have to flow with whatever happens.

I want to thank Sharon Delaney in particular, without whom this never would have come to pass.  She and I were sitting at my computer one day after Duets and I said, "I wanna do a show," and she jumped right on board.  Without her unconditional support the idea might have died there.  She gave it impetus and kept the momentum between my flames of fantasy.  Thanks a mil, Sharona.  It takes two you know.

In fact it takes a village.  I met some really phenomenal women thru Aleida Santiago, the Uber-fan.  Aleida is no longer with us, but the friendships continue.  Kelly D, Kit-Kat Crimins, Nora Manz and latterly, my assistant, Chalis, have been the life-blood that kept me laughing when everything was falling apart.

So with Sharon and the rest of the Creation Team we made a wonderful evening for our beloved fans.

Special note: Gary and Adam from Creation have been trying to get me to do a show for years and I was never ready to put my neck out there.  I thank you guys for still having faith in me and still being willing to take the risk that a show like mine could work out.  I have never had so much fun in my life!  The background singers also said this was the most fun gig they had ever experienced.

I love that the fans were so much a part of the show.
I bet not even Cher has fans of this caliber!
Love always,
Lucy Lawless

Good evening, Young Ones.
Today I had to postpone BV's (backing vocals) meeting with Miss Sharlotte.  Instead I went to my brilliant ENT doctor to get a handle on this virus that's set up shop in my head.  He hosed out my sinuses with a little vacuum cleaner.  Gruesome!  Then he dug for gold in my ears.  I stopped yelling at people to "SPEAK UP!!!" after that.  And he shot me full of B12 and anti-histamine.  I am going straight to bed after writing this blog.

I ate a matzo ball as big as my head for lunch and silverbeet (swiss chard) for tea.  This is the first day in many moons that I have gone without a soy latte.  I am bugging to get back to them.  But the show must come first, right?  Right.

Once I got home, I realised that I had totally forgotten my commitment to co-host Rita Gonzales’ show on IMRU.  Fortunately I got there on time and despite being a bit groggy I had a really good time.  They were talking about how "the Anglican Primate of Nigeria is spearheading the anti-gay marriage movement within the Anglican/Episcopalian Church.”  I thought it jolly unwise to cast a primate in that role in the first place -- after all, it's hard to take an ape in a cape seriously!  Or is it just me?

There are many things I wish I had said and a few things that I wish I hadn't, like: "I knew I had made it when I saw myself in claymation getting Calista Flockhart stuck up my bottom on Celebrity Deathmatch."  But it's true, so what's a girl to do?  Lie?

Yes, I think the drugs are kicking in again and I am floating off into Lu-La land.
Goodnight, Darlings,

Oh, Boy!  What a crazy 24 hrs it's been.  I have had two rehearsals, dealt with lawyers, done graphic art work on the cd “come2me,” fought bitterly with a friend (we actually quite enjoyed it), hosted sleepover, washed the pots, done singing lesson, looped Battlestar, done a promo, delivered cd to the production facility.  Hopefully it will be ready by next week if there are no more glitches.  Specifically, I met with my backing vocals captain, Miss Sharlotte Gibson.  She is PHENOMENAL!  I have asked her to sing a song of her own at some point because they're so damn good.  I think my fans will really dig her.  She and I get on like a house on fire.  It's weird though.  Someone screwed up.  It's like, at birth, we were transplanted into each other's body.  I wonder if it's too late to swap?

And I ironed out some ugly kinks (keeping only the nice ones) in two songs with Michael Orland, whom I met on Duets.  He's also a fixture on the American Idol scene and a wonderful man.

I told you I was hitting the gym because I had only six weeks to turn from frump to fabulous.  Instead, I went to New Zealand and turned into a fricking donut!  Usually I go home a broken shell of a woman and this time was no exception, only now I didn't have the will power to resist all those great kiwi sweets, custard tarts, chocolate and biscuits (cookies) that I have loved since I was a child.  Naturally the relaxation spread to my waist.  Now the excitement of getting the Roxy show together is burning it off again, though I wish I had time to go to yoga.  My two yoga teachers are coming.  I'm crazy about them.

You know what I'm really into right now?  There is an artist whose work I have been trying to buy for the past year.  Her name is Amy Bird and even though she is a starving artist, she has been unable 
to sell them because she has been building a collection to sell in a gallery.  Finally the day has come and today her exhibition opens at Milo Gallery, 6130 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048.  I am psyched to finally get a chance to hang one on my wall.  I love the migrant worker ones.  And I think she was doing some forest scenes, too.  It's very modern, but accessible.  Check it out if you can.

Love, love  love,

Hey, there!
I am officially back on the job.  I am going crazy putting things in place for the Roxy show.  I have friends coming from my Xena life, Battlestar buddies and from Broadway who are all shameless exhibitionists and whom I will have to taser to get 'em off the stage.  Hell, there's only room for one shameless exhibitionist at 
this show.

I am reallly thrilled that my old friend, comedian Tig Notaro, is coming in from New York to do a set.  She has fecently been on Comedy Central (sometimes you just gotta leave the typos in ). Anyway, she is one of my all-time favorite standup comics and I am so happy that she can come.  She's really good looking too.

I have an MC for the evening.  Her name is Cat Crimins and I'm trying to bully her into high heels, but she's resistant.  I told her she'll look hot, but she only wants to be a cop.  So we went shopping at the Pleasure Chest in LA and found a really nasty outfit with a badge that says "Breast Inspector" or something.

She also MC'd our buddy Aleida's funeral and she made that a riot so I forced her to help me with this project.  I'm not sure why she agreed as there's nothing but humiliation in it for her.  And that's a promise.  Seriously, Cat, you're my hero.

Today I went to see Alek Adorian, who made a good number of my frocks for Duets.  He is making me a kick-ass costume, which is going to make all those leather freaks out there very happy.  So all you people who got hot and bothered about the leather trousers from “Total Eclipse” with Bonnie Tyler can stop asking.  You're covered.

Ummm, what else?  I'm spinning my wheels somewhat because I can't meet with the musicians till next week.  That's the trouble when you have musicians of this caliber -- they work non-stop.  But since I need to “feel” each song as it comes together with their talent, I don't know which songs to lose, which songs to keep or take in some other direction.  I called Rickey Minor in a panic yesterday saying, "make me feel good about this, Rickey!"  He replied, "Lucy, if it were anymore under contol, I'd think it was a set-up."  I don't know what that means except that Rob Leifer, who is musical director on this, is totally on top of things and I should chill the hell out.  Rob Leifer is also a guitarist of some note and just did a show on VH1 or MTV and he's playing for me!!!  My God, how did I get this lucky?
Rock On!

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