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My dear friends,

I have read thru each and every Feel the Love pledge and I am so grateful for your continued generosity.  From donating blood, to blankets, clean water awareness and Starship support, I want you to know how wonderful it is to be part of your movement to spread more joy.  You are absolutely the best fans in the world.  Ren and I are so lucky.

I am looking forward to seeing you again in Jan!

In other silly news, Sharon has inspired me to take tap-dancing lessons and I intend to video the whole sorry saga.  Just 30 second vids which I'll tweet, if I can figure out how.  It's going to be daft and a bit embarrassing.  You're going to love it.

Hooray for everything!


Lucy Lawless -- Xena the Ecowarrior (The Guardian interview)

(photo: Marizilda Cruppe/EVE)

Lucy Lawless, cult actor, mother of three and most recently international ecowarrior, makes a point of not planning her life too carefully.  Climbing to the top of an oil drilling ship and staying there for three days as part of a protest against Arctic exploration in February was no different.  "I thought about it for a couple of minutes and then said 'yes'," she says.  (continue reading)


The Arctic is rising -- Are you with us?

In February with six others I found myself crouched in darkness with a team of Greenpeace activists, preparing to occupy a Shell drillship bound for the Arctic.

I was suppressing the urge to run for the hills, to leave the greenies to it and go back to being a mother in the 'burbs.  But that very fact -- that I am a mother -- was also the reason I was there and thinking of my kids hardened my resolve.

By the time we came down four days later, 130,000 people had joined us in calling for the Arctic to be protected from reckless oil drilling.

Since then a global tide of opposition has been building, and today I am in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the Rio+20 Earth Summit to launch the next phase of the campaign.  There's a real feeling here that as world leaders fail us again, we need to rise up and take matters into our own hands.

I'm here with Kumi Naidoo, the head of Greenpeace International, and Sir Richard Branson to do just that -- we're launching a bid for a global sanctuary in the Arctic.

We believe the home of the polar bear, narwhal and Arctic fox should be protected on behalf of the entire world and I want my children to grow up in a world where the polar bear still lives!

So we've added our names to the Greenpeace "Arctic Scroll" and I want you to join us!

When we have a million names, Greenpeace will embark on an expedition to plant the scroll in a capsule on the North Pole seabed -- 4km below the ice.

It will be a collective statement on behalf of humanity.  The rapidly melting Arctic should not be seen as an opportunity for exploitation, but as a warning that we must act now.  Clean energy, not extreme oil, is our future.

It's time to make a stand for our kids and grandkids.

Sign the Arctic Scroll and pass it on:




Several month ago, I found myself on the precipice of committing a crime.  I was crouched in darkness with a bunch of Greenpeace activists, preparing to occupy a Shell drilling ship bound for the Arctic.  I was suppressing the urge to run for the hills, to leave these greenies to it, to go back to being a mother in the ‘burbs.  But that very fact -- that I am a mother -- was also the reason that I was there.  (continue reading)


I want to party with people who celebrate life.  I reckon we are all so busy doing good, our kids, jobs, pets, friends, charities etc.  Sometimes a girl needs to bust out.  I know the women in my community are bugging to break out.  This is their chance to rediscover their inner wild child.  I go out in LA and all the young people are cultivating their jadedness.  It looks so effortful.  They'd be cooler people if they didn't worry so much what others think about them.  Fortunately we don't have that problem.

When I get together with fans, it's a judgement-free zone.  There's a lot of love in the room and we know how to cut loose.  It's the most fun you can have without getting arrested.  (Which I'm duty bound to say is no fun at all.)  Anyhoo, I invite all my good friends (This means You!) to come join the party.

I am thrilled to have two mighty Amazons of NZ music royalty come out to play.  Anika Moa and Julia Deans are joining me, Joe LoDuca, Ben Jurisich, Scott Wotherspoon & Jason Sonic Smith (aka. Eurostalker).  Julia and Anika are two f-u goddesses who blew my tiny mind when they said they wanted to play my show.  So basically, this is a kick-ass rock band.  I am totally in love with them.

I've made it R18 because it's in a pub and I hate seeing kids at my shows.  You never know what's going to come out of our mouths.  Adult themes, definitely.

You were warned.

Big Love,

I had little choice

Blogpost by Lucy Lawless - February 24, 2012 at 16:03

What the sHell am I, Lucy, actress and mother, doing scaling a derrick on a drillship in New Zealand??

My heart was pounding as we made the ascent and my mouth was dry.  I felt shell-shocked for half an hour after we reached the top.  We have just scaled a 60 metre tower and the wind is buffeting us on all sides.  I'm writing this using a small laptop we've brought with us.

I'm safe, I'm ok, my carabiners are sound, but it was pretty scary!  I think I'd rather be home with a latte, but I don't feel that I had a choice.

Instead of seeing the melting of Arctic sea ice as a dire warning to humanity, the oil barons are cynically using it as an invitation to dig up more of the stuff that caused the problem in the first place.  This aging rust bucket, the Noble Discoverer (more like the Ignoble Destroyer), is one of the oldest drillships in the world and it will be spearheading Shell's crazy foray into the dangerous and pristine Arctic.

Despite admitting to woefully inadequate means to deal with oil spills, Shell is proceeding, determined to be "the first" in the Arctic.

Clearly in a cost/benefit analysis, Shell reckons that an Arctic spill is an acceptable risk to them. 

But make no mistake, due to the harshness and remoteness of the Arctic environment, an oil spill up there will make the Gulf of Mexico look like a children's party.

An oil spill under the ice could rage for years before they could cap it.  The plankton that prop up the whole ecosystem would die and the ripple effect would be heinous.

Join me in sending a message to Shell that devastating one of the world's last pristine environments is not acceptable to us!

Who died and made the oil barons God?

Don't they want their kids to grow up in a world where polar bears and the magical narwhal still exist?

Unless we stand up now, I fear our grandchildren will condemn us for our laziness, our stupidity and our cruelty.
We have the technology and the know-how for a clean and viable future.  Inevitably, we must more to a clean energy economy.

Let's do it while there is still an Arctic left to save!


The Sparty premiere kind of blew my mind.  I have never been part of a show with such a publicity machine behind it.  It may be that that kind of thing didn't exist for tv shows before the last two years.  In any case, STARZ really pulled off a magnificent launch.

Liam and I have been beating the drum for Spartacus:Vengeance here in New York.  We are exhausted but gratified.  It is amazing how much interest there is in the show.  Long may it continue!

I am staying a bit longer in the States so I can go thank the fans who first gave me a career.  The folks at Creation are hosting their last ever Xena Con.  How could I not go?  They have been great friends to Xena: Warrior Princess, to Renee and me.  We thank Adam, Gary, Sharon and all the team at Creation who have provided the forum for us to meet.

My love to all those who are unable to come this weekend.  For the rest of you, travel safe, be joyful and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Semper Fi
Lucy Lu

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