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Picking Up The Pieces
on The Gulf Coast

I want to start this page with some of the footage I shot of Lucy while she visited New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to help with a dinner for the first responders for Thanksgiving 2005. 

click the image for QT video
click here for Windows Media video

11/25/05 -- We're back, but left pieces of our heart and soul in New Orleans.  Here are two photos taken during the flights to and then from New Orleans heading back home. 

(11/23 -- Lucy in The Ninth Ward, New Orleans/photo: Sharon Delaney)

Read over on the yahoo group that there was a website with images from Katrina.  Problem is, some people thought they were too devastating to be real.  Here's a short walk through the streets of The Ninth Ward.

click image for QuickTime version
windows version here

11/21/05 --
Lucy’s headed off to New Orleans tomorrow to attend a couple fundraisers on Nov. 23 and 24.  One is the New Orleans Louisiana Sheriff’s 31st Annual Thanksgiving Day Celebration at the New Orleans House of Blues.  Another one is in Jefferson Parish on Nov. 23.  She wants to help raise awareness that there is still much to be done in New Orleans and on Thanksgiving, this is the time to find a way to do some giving ourselves.

I am going with her and the video camera is powered up and loaded with tapes.  I'll be documenting every part of the trip I can.  I don't know that we'll have any internet access so I may be offline until Thanksgiving night.  I don't really have any words for what I'm feeling right now.  Both Lucy and I just hope some good will come of it.

9/13 -- Lucy did a phone interview with Entertainment Tonight about her journey out of New Orleans just before Hurricane Katrina hit.  She talked with them the day she arrived in Baton Rouge.  Although part of the conversation didn't make the piece that aired on the show, ET was kind enough to give us a copy so the fans could hear Lucy talk about the Xena fans who chartered a private plane and pilot to fly her and some of the Vampire Bats movie crew to Texas.  Click here to listen to her conversation with Mark Steines

The movie production moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The producers of Bats were finishing up filming another movie there and that crew will become the Bats production team in a couple days.  It's a challenge because the new crew will have no idea what went on before.  They also need to reproduce sets, costumes, etc.  Lucy said Brett Butler worked for one week in New Orleans and her work was finished.  However, Timothy Bottoms is there along with Dylan Neal and many of the rest of the cast.

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