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The Roxy -- Hollywood
January 13 & 14, 2007

Roxy Rehearsals Part 8 (QT version)

(wmv version)

1/14/07 --

Opening Night Videoblog from Lucy

Wow! Thank-you guys so much for making my LIFE!!!!

That was so much fun.  I can't wait to do it again.  i don't want to lose any of the spontaneity but I hope I can fix some things that were lacking.  For example, i kept messing up the M. Etheridge song.  I know it so well!!  But, heck, live performance is always a gamble and you just have to flow with whatever happens.

i want to thank Sharon Delaney in particular, without whom this never would have come to pass.  She and i were sitting at my computer one day after Duets and I said, "I wanna do a show," and she jumped right on board.  Without her unconditional support the idea might have died there.  She gave it impetus and kept the momentum between my flames of fantasy.  Thanks a mil, Sharona.  It takes two you know.

In fact it takes a village.  I met some really phenomenal women thru Aleida Santiago, the Uber-fan.  Aleida is no longer with us, but the friendships continue.  Kelly D, Kit-Kat Crimins, Nora Manz and 
latterly, my assistant, Chalis, have been the life-blood that kept me laughing when everything was falling apart.

So with Sharon and the rest of the Creation Team we made a wonderful evening for our beloved fans.

Special note: Gary and Adam from Creation have been trying to get me to do a show for years and I was never ready to put my neck out there.  I thank you guys for still having faith in me and still being willing to take the risk that a show like mine could work out.  I have never had so much fun in my life!  The background singers also said this was the most fun gig they had ever experienced.

I love that the fans were so much a part of the show.
I bet not even Cher has fans of this caliber!
Love always,
Lucy Lawless

Roxy Rehearsals Part 7 (QT version)

(wmv version)

Roxy Rehearsals Part 6 (QT version)

(wmv version)

Roxy Rehearsals Part 5 (QT version)

(wmv version)

Roxy Rehearsals Part 4 (QT version)

(wmv version)

1/8/07 --
Good evening, Young Ones.
Today I had to postpone BV's (backing vocals) meeting with Miss Sharlotte.  Instead I went to my brilliant ENT doctor to get a handle on this virus that's set up shop in my head.  He hosed out my sinuses with a little vacuum cleaner.  Gruesome!  Then he dug for gold in my ears.  I stopped yelling at people to "SPEAK UP!!!" after that.  And he shot me full of B12 and anti-histamine.  I am going straight to bed after writing this blog.

I ate a matzo ball as big as my head for lunch and silverbeet (swiss chard) for tea.  This is the first day in many moons that I have gone without a soy latte.  I am bugging to get back to them.  But the show 
must come first, right?  Right.

Once I got home, I realised that I had totally forgotten my commitment to co-host Rita Gonzales’ show on IMRU.  Fortunately I got there on time and despite being a bit groggy I had a really good time.  They were talking about how "the Anglican Primate of Nigeria is spearheading the anti-gay marriage movement within the Anglican/Episcopalian Church.”  I thought it jolly unwise to cast a primate in that role in the first place -- after all, it's hard to take an ape in a cape seriously!  Or is it just me?
There are many things I wish I had said and a few things that I wish I hadn't, like: "I knew I had made it when I saw myself in claymation  getting Calista Flockhart stuck up my bottom on Celebrity Deathmatch."  But it's true, so what's a girl to do?  Lie?

Yes, I think the drugs are kicking in again and I am floating off into Lu-La land.
Goodnight, Darlings,

Roxy Rehearsals Part 3 (QT version)

(wmv version)

Roxy Rehearsals Part 2 (QT version)

(wmv version)

1/6/07 --
Oh, Boy!  What a crazy 24 hrs it's been.  I have had two rehearsals, dealt with lawyers, done graphic art work on the cd “come2me,” fought bitterly with a friend (we actually quite enjoyed it), hosted sleepover, washed the pots, done singing lesson, looped Battlestar, done a promo, delivered cd to the production facility.  Hopefully it will be ready by next week if there are no more glitches.  Specifically, I met with my backing vocals captain, Miss Sharlotte Gibson.  She is PHENOMENAL!  I have asked her to sing a song of her own at some point because they're so damn good.  I think my fans will really dig her.  She and I get on like a house on fire.  It's weird though.  Someone screwed up.  It's like, at birth, we were transplanted into each other's body.  I wonder if it's too late to swap?

And I ironed out some ugly kinks (keeping only the nice ones) in two songs with Michael Orland, whom I met on Duets.  He's also a fixture on the American Idol scene and a wonderful man.

I told you I was hitting the gym because I had only six weeks to turn from frump to fabulous.  Instead, I went to New Zealand and turned into a fricking donut!  Usually I go home a broken shell of a woman and this time was no exception, only now I didn't have the will power to resist all those great kiwi sweets, custard tarts, chocolate and biscuits (cookies) that I have loved since I was a child.  Naturally the relaxation spread to my waist.  Now the excitement of getting the Roxy show together is burning it off again, though I wish I had time to go to yoga.  My two yoga teachers are coming.  I'm crazy about them.

You know what I'm really into right now?  There is an artist whose work I have been trying to buy for the past year.  Her name is Amy Bird and even though she is a starving artist, she has been unable 
to sell them because she has been building a collection to sell in a gallery.  Finally the day has come and today her exhibition opens at Milo Gallery, 6130 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048.  I am psyched to finally get a chance to hang one on my wall.  I love the migrant worker ones.  And I think she was doing some forest scenes, too.  It's very modern, but accessible.  Check it out if you can.

Love, love  love,

Roxy Rehearsals Part 1 -- to be continued until the Diva hits the stage!  (QT version)

(wmv version)

1/3/07 --
Hey, there!
I am officially back on the job.  I am going crazy putting things in place for the Roxy show.  I have friends coming from my Xena life, Battlestar buddies and from Broadway who are all shameless 
exhibitionists and whom I will have to taser to get 'em off the stage.  Hell, there's only room for one shameless exhibitionist at this show.

I am reallly thrilled that my old friend, comedian Tig Notaro, is coming in from New York to do a set.  She has fecently been on Comedy Central (sometimes you just gotta leave the typos in ). Anyway, she is one of my all-time favorite standup comics and I am so happy that she can come.  She's really good looking too.

I have an MC for the evening.  Her name is Cat Crimins and I'm trying to bully her into high heels, but she's resistant.  I told her she'll look hot, but she only wants to be a cop.  So we went shopping at the Pleasure Chest in LA and found a really nasty outfit with a badge that says "Breast Inspector" or something.

She also MC'd our buddy Aleida's funeral and she made that a riot so I forced her to help me with this project.  I'm not sure why she agreed as there's nothing but humiliation in it for her.  And that's a promise.  Seriously, Cat, you're my hero.

Today I went to see Alek Adorian, who made a good number of my frocks for Duets.  He is making me a kick-ass costume, which is going to make all those leather freaks out there very happy.  So all you people who got hot and bothered about the leather trousers from “Total Eclipse” with Bonnie Tyler can stop asking.  You're covered.

Ummm, what else?  I'm spinning my wheels somewhat because I can't meet with the musicians till next week.  That's the trouble when you have musicians of this caliber -- they work non-stop.  But since I need to “feel” each song as it comes together with their talent, I don't know which songs to lose, which songs to keep or take in some other direction.  I called Rickey Minor in a panic yesterday saying, "make me feel good about this, Rickey!"  He replied, "Lucy, if it were anymore under contol, I'd think it was a set-up."  I don't know what that means except that Rob Leifer, who is musical director on this, is totally on top of things and I should chill the hell out.  Rob Leifer is also a guitarist of some note and just did a show on VH1 or MTV and he's playing for me!!!  My God, how did I get this lucky?
Rock On!

8/30/07 -- Lucy's Roxy DVD and CD Now On Amazon!  If you go to and type in Lucy Lawless under DVD and then under music you'll see the two items.  That's so neat! 

7/25/07 -- Lucy's Roxy CD is now on sale with two bonus tracks -- the Beatles' songs "Drive My Car" and "Don't Let Me Down."  Now you can do what I've been doing, driving to work with Lucy coming out of my car radio.  What a kick!  The photo below is Lucy in the Creation office with editor, Warner Young, going over the cd.  He's now hard at work on the Canal Room dvd.


5/22/07 -- FYI -- Lucy in Concert at the Roxy DVD has started to ship!  Along with the 2007 Lucy and Renee convention dvd.  I'll get some videoclips to post.  Everyone who's ordered, start checking your mailboxes.  You're in for an incredible treat.  Besides Lucy's scintilating on-stage concert performance, there's 30 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage.  And for those of you that were there opening night when I walked down the line outside the Roxy, we put that whole clip on the dvd.  It's hysterical!  You folks were a hoot that night braving the wind and cold.  What troopers.

2/21/07 -- When the concert was becoming a reality, the idea of a line of concert items was exciting.  Lucy came to the Creation offices and worked with our art department designing a logo and the image to go on a shirt and a poster.  A couple days ago, Lucy and I got together to make a clip where she got to see the goodies up close. 

(click on image for QT version)
(wmv version)

1/23/07 -- Thought I'd liven up the joint with a concert clip of Lucy singing "Let's Give Them Something to Talk About."  (click image for QT version)

(wmv version)

1/21/07 --  I know there's a world out there, but I'm still reeling from the convention and that Kiwi gal's rock show.  You know, that woman who sold out the Roxy!  Things should start getting back to normal this week.  We're working on the dvd of Lucy's concert and clips will be going up on this website and the Xena Kit 12 site to keep you occupied until it's ready to go.  The concert merchandise will be online for ordering any moment now.  And I'll be putting up Lucy's cd for ordering as well.  Note to those who ordered the Lucy shirts and photos -- all orders, up to those placed yesterday, will go out Monday.  Lucy sent over a photo tonight of her and Renee during the concert.  It will tug at your heartstrings.

(photo: Bruce Glikas)

1/11/07 -- "Jump Into My Fire" and dance with Lucy to the beat of the band.  I hope those moves make it to the stage.  Gonna make that audience sizzle!  We're getting so close now.  Can you feel the excitement building? 

1/10/07 -- It's slow, sexy and seductive.  "Do You Wanna Dance?"  I can just see the audience swaying along, heads bobbing in unison.  An invitation they can't refuse.

1/9/07 -- Lucy's visiting Melissa -- "Like the Way I Do."  The girl is rockin!  You're gonna be humming this song all day.  Won't be able to get it out of your head.

1/8/07 -- Another blog, another rehearsal videoclip.  We just keep galloping toward this weekend.  Here's a great Comedy Central link to watch Tig Notaro in action.

To those who have been asking, yes, the concert merchandise and Lucy's CD will be available online after this weekend on Creation's website and this website.  Here's some of the merchandise -- a long-sleeve shirt, short-sleeve shirt, poster.  There will be other items with the "Lucy in Concert" silhouette logo on them.  I'll pop that logo up tomorrow.

1/7/07 -- It's off to the music room with Lucy and Jason her friendly Kiwi keyboardist.  Hmm, is that a word?  Oh well, doesn't matter.  What matters is the music -- and they're "Feeling Good."  Check out Lucy at the Roxy Rehearsals clip #3 above. 

1/6/07 -- Lucy gave me heaps of Roxy rehearsal footage from New Zealand and Los Angeles so I'll be putting up clips all week.  We'll be filming both nights at the Roxy with plans to release the complete show on DVD.  

12/13/06 -- Here's Lucy's appearance on Craig Ferguson talking about the Roxy.  Click image for QT version.  WMV version.

12/1/06 -- LUCY'S SAT CONCERT AT THE ROXY SOLD OUT!  SHE'S ADDED A SUNDAY SHOW, JAN 14!  Boy, that was a mad rush for tickets.  We sold out in a week! 

11/28/06 -- Here's the interview Lucy did with Rita Gonzales of KPFK radio.  She talks about the Roxy, the Trevor Project concert and that she will be appearing at the Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs, CA, March 30, 2007.  She will be doing a couple songs there.

11/25/06 -- Lucy's in New Zealand working hard on preparing for her concert at the Roxy.  At least working hard when she's not at the local bakery noshing on pastries!  I wonder if she's practicing her stage dive?  Are you all prepared for Lucy to launch herself into the crowd?!  Any volunteers to stand up front?

11/15/06 -- LUCY CONCERT APPEARANCE DURING THE JANUARY CONVENTION WEEKEND!  You folks have been waiting for this for years.  A full concert, about an hour and a half long.  I've been spending the past couple days with Lucy going through her iPod picking out potential songs.  We've been browsing through Melissa and Bonnie, Nina and Etta, Annie and Janis and the Tubes, among others.

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