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The Roxy -- Hollywood
  January 25 & 26, 2008

2/23/09 -- Promo video of Lucy's Live at the Roxy 08 DVD.  You can buy it here.
Lucy Lawless Live at the Roxy 08 DVD

2/7/08 -- New message from Lucy thanking everyone for a spectacular weekend at the Roxy.  She soared, you roared!  I swear you guys took the roof off that place.  And now it's on to London!

2/3/08 -- I just loved the addition of the violin and Candy Girard absolutely made it sing.  Especially in "A Love Song."  This clip is from the first band rehearsal when Lucy and Candi were working out the musical interlude.

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2/1/08 -- The tour de force song of the night was Tuck and Patti's "Wide Awake."  Lucy sang it accompanied by guitarist Ted Perlman.  The lyrics are right on target for today's world and Lucy's grabbing our heartstrings to sit up, take notice and take action!  Have a listen.

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1/27/08 -- Another clip from Lucy's Roxy show from the second night is now up on the Official Xena Fan Club website..  Alex Adorian was working his magic again and came up with a new pair of chaps.  Make sure you've got your sunglasses ready when you view the clip as these pants are positively glowing!

1/25/08 night -- It's Showtime!  The house is jammed.  The curtain's down.  Lucy's voice begins to fill the air.  "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?"  Then it's gonna be a "Heartache Tonight."  But not for these fans.  This is what they've been waiting for, traveling for, standing out in the cold for.  It gets warmer by the minute.  And then hotter and hotter as Lucy has them screaming for joy.  Gads, I love opening night!

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1/25/08 -- There are about 13 or 14 songs in the set and only one is a holdover from previous shows.  All the rest are newbies.  And a great mix of warmth and heat!  Also, as you'll hear in this, clip number 5, she's added a violin player.  Here's Kenny Loggins' "A Love Song."

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1/22/08 -- Here comes the third clip, "Kiss You All Over" by Exile, from 1978.  She's working with  her musical director, Michael Orland.  Tomorrow another clip up on the Official Xena Fan Club website.  A mystery song called "Sweetheart."

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1/21/08 -- Here's the first clip of Lucy rehearsing for the Roxy concert.  It's "Winner at a Losing Game" by Rascal Flatts.  As this is an early rehearsal, not sure if the song is going to make the cut.  Tomorrow there will be another clip up on the Official Xena Fan Club website.

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