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The Roxy -- Hollywood
  January 30 & 31, 2009

2/2/09 -- More Lucy concert goodies to come, but here's the song list and the versions Lucy was listening to:

Somebody to Love -- Queen
Go to Hell -- Nina Simone
Welcome to the Pleasuredome -- Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Who's That Girl -- Eurythmics
She Bop -- Cyndi Lauper
Be My Girl -- Jet
Losing My Religion -- REM/Suzie McNeil
White Lines -- Duran Duran
Gloria -- Patti Smith
Temptation -- Heaven 17
Tainted Love -- Soft Cell
The Power of Love -- Frankie Goes to Hollywood
The Reason -- Hoobastank
Hallelujah -- Jeff Buckley
Let's Dance -- David Bowie

1/30/09 -- It was magical, powerful, electric, jaw-dropping.  Lucy's voice was never better.  Her energy nonstop.  A story told in song.  Girl meets girl.  Girl loses girl.  Girl gets girl.  Here's the opening number I didn't want to give away, "Somebody to Love."  And, after all the turmoil the two characters go through, here's the happy ending, "The Power of Love."

                                                  QT   WMV                                                          QT   WMV

1/29/09 -- This is it!  Tomorrow night starts Lucy's weekend at the Roxy.  Our weekend at the Roxy!  Cuz that's how Lucy sees it.  We're all together and she tells us stories.  About herself, about us, about life.  It's thought-provoking.  It's magical.  It's Rock 'n Roll!  And here's a touch of "Losing My Religion."  Another clip over on the Xena Fan Club page.


1/28/09 -- I saw the opening of the concert for the first time in today's rehearsal.  I was so excited, I could barely keep the camera still to keep filming.  It was exciting, exhilarating and it's going to bring down the house!  I can't wait to see the audience reaction  <G>

There's always been one song in Lucy's concerts that I didn't know that became my favorite.  "The Reason" is this year's heartgrabber for me.  Have a listen.


This was the second band rehearsal and tomorrow is a day off.  Friday will be the dress rehearsal.  As usual, my mind boggles at the fact that they only have 2 days and a couple hours to pull it all together.  And this concert is the most ambitious Lucy has come up with.  It's a story told in concert form.  There's no dialogue, but I read the lyrics of the songs as if they were a script and was amazed at how it all fell into place.  I've got to talk to Lucy about how she built the song list.  Did she have a story in mind?  Did songs just come to her?  Did she have to hunt down songs to fill a story point?  I'm dying of curiosity.  Two more days and we'll all be together!

1/23/09 -- The Roxy concert is centered on sex, drugs, temptation and redemption.  Here's a taste of the temptation.  And see more on the Xena Fan Club site.


This show is based on a screenplay set in the time when the music group Frankie Goes to Hollywood ruled the airwaves as well as everyone’s T-shirts. “This post-disco period was epitomized by high times in low places,” says Lawless. “Where disco was a sparkly diversion from the humdrum. The era I grew up in fully acknowledged, even celebrated, its own dark side.”

To tell the story, Lawless has chosen an eclectic mix of songs from top artists from the great Patty Smith, harbinger of it all, Eurythmics, Soft Cell and Cyndi Lauper to Garbage, Marilyn Manson and Jet.

 “The Pleasuredome” brings the audience into a world of sex, drugs, temptation and redemption, about which, Lawless says,"I don't know why, but I do 'Bad-Girl' really well." She further states, "My fans always enjoy a tale of redemption...with a heapin' helpin' of Wickedness along the way."
Joe LoDuca, Emmy Award winning composer of Xena: Warrior Princess, has helped the New Zealand born star put together a remarkable band.  The show will also feature actor/singer Laura Sperrazza.

1/21/09 -- Second rehearsal clip from Roxy 09.  Lucy goes from Puppetmaster to slave in 23 seconds!  And there's another clip on the Xena Fan Club site.


1/20/09 -- First rehearsal clip from Lucy's upcoming Roxy 09 concert.  It's hard to film stuff like this when you're imagining the audience slithering to the floor when moves like this are taking place during "She Bop"  <G>


1/3/09 -- Lucy's begun rehearsals for the Roxy show.  Check out her blurb to find out more about the show and her guest artist, Laura Sperrazza.

12/8/08 -- Our wandering heroine, Lucy, has landed back in LA with tales of her adventures in the new blog above as well as another hint about what awaits those of us going to the Roxy in January!

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